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1700 Calorie Meal Plan High Protein

Is Eating 1700 Calories A Lot

Full Day of Eating 1700 Calories | *INSANE* High Protein Meals For Fat Loss…

There is no right or wrong answer to this question it depends on your individual needs and goals. A 1700 calorie meal plan can help you lose weight if you are looking to shed a few pounds, but it may be too many or too few calories for some people. Ultimately, it is important to find a diet that fits your lifestyle and helps you meet your goals.

If you meal prep with high volume foods you will be full and eat less. Low glycemic foods are foods that fill you up with fewer calories while high glycemic foods will give you a spike in blood sugar and then drop. This causes you to crave more food.

Why Nutrition Is Important For A 1700

Nutrient-dense foods should make up the bulk of a 1,700-calorie daily diet, with a bit of wiggle room for sweets and treats. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend choosing foods from a variety of food groups in order to get all of the nutrients that the body requires.

The food groups are vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, and protein foods. The guidelines also recommend that Americans consume limited amounts of added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium.

Foods high in sugars or saturated fat, such as soda, fast food, and candy, provide calories but lack significant amounts of beneficial fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Although there is room in a balanced diet for most types of food, we do not want to get 1,700 calories only from these nutrient-sparse foods. Consequently, the bulk of this meal plan is made from whole, nutrient-dense foods, with a few treats added here and there.

Calorie High Protein Meal Plan

With Strongr Fastr, after just a few questions you can create your own 1700 calorie high protein weekly meal plan. With option 1 you can generate your own plan and start customizing and picking from hundreds of healthy meals- that together, meet your specific nutrition goals. Further down the page, you can see a 7 day sample meal plan that has 1700 calories and is high in protein and also has a lot of fruits and vegetables as well. Either option will equip you with a detailed meal plan that is tailored to your needs and includes an organized grocery list and recipes to follow along to. With 7 days of healthy and high protein meals to follow along to, you will be well on your way to losing weight and/or improving your overall health and wellbeing.

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What Foods To Avoid On An 1700 Calorie Bodybuilding Diet

I generally recommend avoiding processed food as its likely to be high in calories, without being very filling, making it easy to over-consume on a 1700 calorie diet.

When we consider a 1700 calorie diet, our meals are generally between 400 500 calories with a snack that is 200 300 calories. When you fill those calories with whole foods, you will find your food has plenty of volume making you feel full and satisfied after consuming it.

If you are filling those calories with processed food, however, you are likely to get very little volume. For example, an individual bag of chips is about 450 calories, which would be equivalent to an entire meal. Similarly, one fast food meal is typically 800 1200 calories which would be the equivalent of 2-3 meals!

As you can imagine, if you are filling your day with unsatisfying processed food, you are likely to overeat your calories and struggle to achieve your goals. Therefore, I recommend keeping this food out of your diet for the most part and consuming them as a treat on occasion to maintain a balanced diet.

Guidelines To Follow During The 1700 Calorie High Protein Meal Plan

1700 Calorie Filling, High Protein Meal Plan with Red Peppers and ...
  • The protein requirement for an average man stands at 60gms while the same figure for women is 50gms
  • While the core focus is on the consumption of enough proteins, you must not ignore the significance of healthy carbs, fibers and fats alongside
  • Stay away from all kinds of packaged and processed foods during this diet plan
  • Drink at least 8 ounces of water daily to keep your body hydrated
  • Indulge in a healthy exercising routine to reap the best benefits of this meal plan
  • Try to opt for a smaller portion and serving sizes to allow your body enough time to digest the food

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Need More Snacks Click Here For Some Great Ideas

Note: Ive tried to make this meal prep as EASY as possible – so every single day is the same. HOWEVER, if youre anything like me, its quite boring to eat the same thing every day! Please feel free to switch out different protein sources, vegetables, and fats. Also, as with the rest this website, this information is general, not specific to you. You, personally, may need different amounts of calories, nutrients, etc.

The Macronutrient Split For An 1700 Calorie Bodybuilding Diet

While calories are the first piece of your diet to nail down, its also important to consider your macronutrient split, especially as a bodybuilder where performance is a priority.

Simply put, a macronutrient split is the amount of protein, carbs, and fat that you will be eating to reach your 1700 calorie goal each day. We can tailor the amount of each macronutrient to ensure you are feeling energized and able to meet your bodybuilding goals.

Most bodybuilders perform best on a diet that is 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 30% fat. This ratio provides bodybuilders with enough protein to build muscle, enough carbs to fuel their workouts and enough fat to keep their bodies functioning optimally.

It is important to remember that some people may have individual circumstances that could impact this. If you are looking for a more custom macro ratio, talk with one of our coaches.

In the 1700 calorie meal plan that Ive put together below, weve followed this general macro split of 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% fat.

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Can I Still Drink Alcohol Whilst Following The Plan

This is completely up to you, but for best results we recommend avoiding sugary soft drinks and alcohol, and sticking with water, tea and coffee instead. Although soft drinks and alcohol do contain calories, they are often known as empty calories.

I recommend getting your calorie intake up to scratch with real foods youll take in far more healthy vitamins and nutrients that way. My plan is to give a realistic meal plan that is both healthy and sustainable.

Of course, small amounts wont ruin things, either. But remember your goals and youll hit them all the quicker

Green Vegetables And Leafy Greens

What I Eat In A Day High Protein 1700 calories! Easy meals for weight loss!

The more the merrier. We should try to get some greens on our plates every day, ideally twice.

From a protein perspective youll have to eat loads! No way can I munch two bunches of broccoli a day for 18g of protein.

From a health perspective theyre seriously awesome though, and they should be included in almost any healthy vegetarians diet!

Roasted broccoli halloumi traybake with bread

As vegetarians these are the best of the options we have when were looking for protein. As you can see many of the sources are best in moderation.

This is reason enough for me to put the first priority of our vegetarian high protein meal plan on balance.

If you focus first on adding as much protein as possible it is likely to result in an unbalanced diet, which might lead to health problems.

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What Is An 1800 Calorie Meal Plan High Protein

You have to follow a high protein diet while keeping down your daily calorie intake to around 1800 calories. Even though the primary focus is on most of the high protein food options, you must not write off other macro-nutrients like healthy carbs, fibers, and healthy fats.

So, it is always recommended to go by a diet high on protein yet bring up all the other required nutrients on your plate at the same time.

Calorie Bodybuilding Meal Plan & Diet

As a bodybuilder, knowing how much to eat is important but so is knowing the right foods and in what amounts to eat to feel your best.

The 1700 calorie bodybuilding meal plan below does just that, providing a series of meals and snacks that promote lean muscle growth, give you plenty of energy for your workouts, all while keeping you feeling full and satisfied.

Ill give you:

  • A complete food list, which includes the quantities and portion sizes
  • Exact meals to eat with the breakdown of protein, carbs, and fats
  • Options to customize your meals based on personal preference

First, lets discuss the ideal macronutrient split for a bodybuilder eating 1700 calories per day.

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How To Track Your Calories

I like to track my calories using a free app called MyFitnessPal. It is a free app that tracks your calories and macros. Its all you need to get started. My Fitness pal has over 14 million foods that you can log. You will be able to learn, track, and improve your daily food log.

Another great tool to have is a meal planner notebook. You can track your food logs and stay organized with your grocery list and recipes.

Weekly Planner For 1600 Calorie Meal Plan High Protein

Rachel Paul, PhD, RD on Instagram: MORE TJs low

Day 1.

1600 calorie meal plan high protein Cabbage hash browns

Breakfast- 2 servings of cabbage hash browns

Snack- 1 serving of garlic egg omelet with 1 orange

Lunch- 1 serving of egg white spinach omelet with 2 cups of strawberries

Snack- 1 serving of poached eggs with 2 servings of whole-wheat toast

Dinner- 1 serving of eggs with hats on top and 1 apple

Total calories for the day-1600

1600 calorie meal plan high protein Banana egg pancakes

Breakfast- 2 servings of zucchini hash browns

Snack- 1 serving of cottage cheese and salsa

Lunch- 2 servings of banana egg pancakes with 1 serving of whole-wheat toast

Snack- 2 cups of non-fat greek yogurt

Dinner- 1 serving of egg and asparagus scramble with 1 slice of buttered toast with cinnamon

Total calories for the day-1598

Day 3.

1600 calorie meal plan high protein Soft boiled eggs with toast

Breakfast- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with bell pepper and feta and 1 apple

Snack- 1 serving of peppered cottage cheese

Lunch- 1 serving of egg and cottage cheese omelet with 1 orange

Snack- 1 serving of soft boiled eggs with toast

Dinner- 1 serving of high protein energy balls with granola

Total calories for the day-1601

Day 4.

1600 calorie meal plan high protein Apple

Breakfast- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese

Snack- 1 serving of garlic egg omelet with 1 orange

Lunch- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with bell pepper and feta and 1 apple

Snack- 2 cups of non-fat greek yogurt

Total calories for the day-1593

Day 5.

Day 6.

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What Is A 1700 Calorie High Protein Meal Plan

Your daily meals need to be high on proteins while keeping the calorie intake within the 1700 mark. Furthermore, you have to cut down on your daily consumption of carbs.

Proteins also help you feel full for longer periods, and this way, you would end up consuming fewer calories during the day.

Speaking of good protein sources, you can list down food items like eggs, meat, fish, soy, beans, legumes, and cheese

Calories Are Only A Baseline And There Are Individual Differences When It Comes To Calorie Needs

1700 calories are only a baseline, and there are individual differences when it comes to calorie needs. This is because everyones metabolic rate is different. You may need more or less than 1700 calories depending on your activity level and body composition.

For a 1700 calorie meal plan, you should start by eating whole, unprocessed foods. Whole foods include lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Dont worry there are plenty of 1700 calorie meals that fit this profile!

Protein is an ideal way to fuel your body for 1700 calories because its very satiating. Lean protein is a key component of a 1700 calorie meal plan because it provides amino acids. These little guys assist in building and maintaining lean muscle mass, which is the best way to boost your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.

Protein is very important when following a 1700 calorie meal plan because it is very satiating. Most people do not eat enough protein. You should be eating around 0.7 to 1 gram of protein per body weight.

Fiber is an important part of 1700 calorie meal plan because it helps you feel full and satisfied after a meal. Fiber is also great for your 1700 calorie diet because it can aid in digestion, reduce blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

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The More Protein The Better

In the bodybuilding world often times 1g of protein per pound is recommended in order to make sure you dont lose any gainz, but the validity of this rule has been doubted in the past.

The most recent research suggests anywhere between about 0.70g of protein per pound of body weight up to 1g of protein per pound seems to be the sweet spot for building muscle.

There are also concerns about the dangers of high protein diets in those with a long term health condition like chronic kidney disease if you have any medical reason why you think a high protein diet might not be safe for you we would advise you to speak to your doctor.

Although there isnt a definite consensus as to what the optimum amount of protein a day is for building muscle, weve made sure that the protein intake in our meal plan falls in line with the latest research.

And sure, you could have a bit more protein but weve made sure theres enough of it while still keeping the overall quality of the diet high.

Calorie High Protein Meal Plan Overview

100g Low Carb Full Day of Eating 1700 calories (185g High Protein)

Practicing a 1700 calorie high protein meal plan doesnt only help you build and maintain lean muscle, but can also help you reach your desired weight loss goals quite easily.

No matter what health and fitness goals you are coming with, a high protein diet always goes useful in the process.

Furthermore, a high protein diet can also enhance your metabolism while triggering your body to burn calories in a faster manner. Eventually, the same process results in some quick weight loss.

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Calorie High Protein Meal Plan Sample

You can create your 1700 calorie-high protein weekly meal plan to meet your dietary requirements. Alternatively, you can go through one with the help of your nutritionist to discover if it works best for you. Here is a healthy weekly meal plan sample to use for reference or as a guide when crafting yours:

What Is A 1700 Meal Plan

1700 calorie meal plans are all the rage right now, and for good reason. A 1700 calorie diet can help you lose weight quickly and easily, without feeling hungry or deprived. In this article, well show you how to create a 1700 calorie meal plan that fits your lifestyle, with plenty of healthy, delicious options that will help you reach your goals.

One 1700 calorie meal plan is a days worth of food at 1700 calories. Although this may be slightly more or less than what you need, it can function as a rough guide for how to maintain your weight, lose weight slowly and safely, or gain muscle. A 1700 calorie meal plan includes three balanced meals and two snacks per day, with plenty of healthy protein, fiber, and unsaturated fats. Youll also enjoy plenty of vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you do not know how many calories you should be eating in a day, 1700 is one option for an approximately calorie intake. Its important to note that 1700 calories are only a baseline, and there are individual differences when it comes to calorie needs. The 1700 calorie meal plan is a good place to start for someone who wants to lose weight but isnt sure where to begin.

Whereas 1700 calories can be an effective way to maintain or lose weight if you follow a healthy 1700 calorie meal plan and get regular exercise, 1700 calories might be too few if you are looking to gain weight.

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Is 1700 Calories Enough To Lose Weight

1700 calories are enough to lose weight because 1700 is less than the average calorie consumption of an adult. Most people will be in a calorie deficit when consuming 1700 calories a day.

What are 1700 calories in food?

1700 calories can be broken down to be nearly 40% carbs, 35% protein, and 25% fats. This 1700 calorie meal plan suggests making sure that at least 90 percent of your meals come from whole, unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables. You also need lean sources of protein like chicken, turkey, eggs, and beans.

Boost Blood Sugar With Breakfast

1700 Calorie Filling, High Protein Meal Plan with Red Peppers and ...

Start each day right with a healthy and filling breakfast. For example, you might enjoy 1 cup of oatmeal made with 1 cup of nonfat milk or soy milk and topped with 10 chopped pecans and 1 cup of sliced strawberries.

Including foods with high fiber content takes longer to digest, helping you to feel fuller, longer. According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, eating fiber also helps maintain blood sugar levels, which can reduce hunger. According to the USDA, 1 cup of oats has 16.5 grams of fiber.

An omelet made with three eggs, 1/2 cup of sliced mushrooms and 1 ounce of low-fat cheese and served with a toasted whole-wheat English muffin also makes a good breakfast on your 1,700-calorie diet plan.

If you’re short on time for a sit-down breakfast, make a smoothie with 12 ounces of nonfat Greek yogurt blended with 3/4 cup of fresh blueberries, 1 cup of fresh mango and 1/4 of a fresh avocado.

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