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Alcohol With The Least Calories

Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Lowest Calorie Alcohol | Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks | LEAST FATTENING Alcohol

If youre trying to lose weight, decreasing the number of calories you consume from alcohol can be very effective.

In fact, many alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories and added sugar, both of which may contribute to weight gain and other health problems in the long term .

However, while you should consume alcohol only in moderation as part of a balanced diet, there are many low calorie options you can enjoy without compromising your weight loss plans.

Here are 9 of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks along with some helpful variations of these drinks.

Low Calorie Low Sugar Drinks

Not all alcohol is created equal. Some boozy bevvies boast more benefits than others. The types of alcohol that made it onto this list were picked because theyre not loaded with sugar or super high in calories. Some have additional health perks too.

So, without further ado, heres a rundown of nine lower-cal alcohols for you to order at the bar or drink at home.

For Reference Heres A Breakdown Of Each Type Of Alcohol’s Calorie Count:

  • Vodka: One shot contains 97 calories
  • Rum: One shot contains 97 calories
  • Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch: One shot contains 105 calories
  • Gin: One shot contains 110 calories
  • Tequila: One shot contains 105 calories
  • Champagne: One 4-ounce glass contains 90 calories
  • Beer: One 12-ounce bottle contains 153 calories
  • Wine: One 5-ounce glass of wine contains 123 calories
  • Baileys: One shot contains 147 calories

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Theres Nothing Wrong With Enjoying The Occasional Drink However Did You Know Some Types Of Alcohol Contain Far More Calories Than Others Discover Which Alcohol Contains The Most And Least Calories With This Handy Guide

Alcohol contains seven calories per gram, which is almost the same amount of calories as there is in a gram of fat. Whats more, the body likes to get rid of alcohol calories first meaning it will burn these off before burning body fat. All in all, this means that your alcohol consumption could affect your weight and body composition, alongside the health risks already associated with booze.

Here at Womens Fitness, we like to preach balance. While, we dont encourage excessive drinking, due to the aforementioned health risks, we do believe that everything can be enjoyed in moderation. If you like to treat yourself to the odd beverage here and there, but youre looking to keep your alcohol consumption as healthy and mindful as possible, weve rounded up some top tips, alongside a helpful chart which shows exactly how many calories there are in the different types of alcohol

Watermelon Mint Champagne Punch

28 Charts That Will Help You Start Eating Healthier Immediately

Have you ever heard of a drink that sounds as good as this watermelon mint champagne punch?

This one takes a little time to prepare but when you see how much people love it and the fact that its low in calories and sugar makes it worth it.

You wont be able to store this one ahead of time so it might take you away from some of the festivities but seeing the reaction on peoples faces when they try it makes everything worth it.

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Athletic Brewing Run Wild Ipa

70 calories per 12oz serving, 16g carbs, 0% ABV

The perfect beer to indulge in if you don’t want to fret about calories or the side effects of alcohol. This brew is a delicious session IPA with a blend of five Northwest hops and well-balanced bitterness over a specialty malt body.

This IPA has a citrus, lemony flavor with a mildly sweet and malty finish, and you can also expect some light and lively carbonation. There isn’t much of a difference between this non-alcoholic IPA and your regular one in taste and flavor. So Athletic Brewing has nicely proven that you can save on calories without compromising taste!

Sangria: About 85 Calories

Originating from Spain, this drink is quite appreciated for its pronounced fruity side.

Made mainly from fresh fruit, sparkling water, wine, and a little sugar. Sangria has the advantage of containing good nutrients and antioxidants thanks to the fruit it contains.

Be careful because the notion of a little sugar can vary greatly depending on the restaurant or the person serving it to you!

To keep a close eye on the caloric intake of this drink, it is therefore recommended to make it yourself, especially since many manufacturers add sweeteners and sodas rich in sugar.

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Eat Up Before You Drink Up

On the surface, this sounds counterproductive. But it’s always best to have a decent meal before your night out. If you go on an empty stomach and happen to get hungry, your main options at the bar would be snacks high in calories, fats, or sugar.

On top of that, alcohol intake can increase your appetite for high-fat savory foods. Hence, try to appease your growling stomach with a sizable meal first, so you don’t end up drinking too much or chowing down a platter of beef-cheese nachos later on.

Low Calorie Alcohol: 18 Of The Best Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

4 Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Watching your weight but love a tipple? What you need are some low calorie alcohol ideas.

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Choosing low calorie alcohol can be hard it’s about knowing exactly what makes an alcoholic drink low calorie or how to cut calories in your favourite drinks instead.

Weve rounded up the best low calorie alcohol drinks out there including a range of low calorie wine and low calorie beer options, we’ve chosen some low calorie spirits too like vodka and gin. According to the NHS , a standard size glass of wine contains around the same amount of calories as three Jaffa Cakes and a pint of 5% strength beer is the calorie equivalent of eating a Mars Bar .

Alcohol is generally empty calories that we dont really need daily, says Healthspan’s head of nutrition Rob Hobson. A heavy night on the tiles can seriously notch up your daily calorie count. It’s not just the alcohol as many people add mixers to their drink of choice and a lot of these are high in sugar. Excess calories are stored as fat including those from alcohol.

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Tequila With Fresh Lime Juice

Calorie count: About 150 calories for eight fluid ounces.

This drink is a lower-calorie take on a margarita, which has about 330 calories for eight fluid ounces. Avena suggests looking for a tequila that is 100 percent agave, meaning it doesn’t have many common additives, like sugar or corn syrup, which can increase calories.

Go For Spirits To Shed Pounds

One strategy to cut excess calories from your drinking habits? Choose spirits, but leave out sugary mixers like soda, tonic water, or syrups.

Spirits often have the biggest bang for your buck: Just a shot of whiskey, gin or rum is likely to give you a buzz faster than downing beer or wine. They also are the lightest and lowest carbohydrate drinks of the group: A standard shot of whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, or rum has about 97 calories.

But cocktails are often sneaky vehicles for huge amounts of added sugar. A vodka cranberry and Jack and Coke, two popular cocktails, can contain over 30 grams of sugar, a number close to your daily recommendation. Cider is also a notoriously sweet option at about 20 grams of sugar per serving. Swap these orders for a vodka soda with lime or traditional martini, choices less likely to throw your liver into overdrive than a Long Island iced tea.

Steer clear of anything blue, cloudy, or with a tiny umbrella sticking out red flags that a drink might be sugar-laden and unlikely to help you achieve to your health goals.

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Wine: A Healthy Option

Wine isnt the lowest calorie winner but does have some science-backed benefits when consumed moderately. Drinking a glass or two of red wine boosts healthy gut bacteria, which may help reduce cholesterol levels and even, obesity, research shows. Along with your Malbec, you can also benefit from a flood of antioxidants or polyphenols derived from grape skins. Polyphenols can help protect the lining of the heart, the Mayo Clinic says. White wine isn’t as helpful health-wise as red wine, but it still has some cardio-protective benefits, research shows.

But wine isnt a low-calorie beverage so if weight loss is your game, vino probably wont help you win. One glass of wine has about 121 to 125 calories. Champagne and prosecco are slightly lighter calorie-wise and contain some polyphenols, so drinking the bubbly could be a solid option.

Still, it’s important to note that while some scientists say these drinks are linked to health benefits, other scientists say it’s not really fair to use the word “benefits” at all. According to a much-discussed 2018 study published in Lancet, any alcohol consumed worsens health and that effect, its argued, outweighs the other study-backed benefits.

Thomson & Scott Organic Prosecco

Which Alcohol has the Least Calories? 12WBT

84 calories per 4.2 oz serving, 0.9g sugar, 1.67g carbs, 11% ABV

The Thomson & Scott Organic Prosecco is produced from Glera grapes grown in North-East Italy. Certified organic and vegan, it’s also completely free from herbicides and pesticides.

On the nose, the vibrant fruity aroma with a dash of apple is absolutely delightful. And on the palate, this white is crisp, light, and dry with a little acidity. The delicate, textured bubbles also add an elegant touch to this low-calorie wine.

This will be a crowd-pleaser great for various occasions and celebrations. It’s a refreshing pre-meal drinkbut definitely give it a try with fragrant and spicy dishes, too.

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Hard Seltzer 99 Calories Per 355 Ml

To continue on the fruity train, we cant forget about hard seltzers. These drinks typically come in a wide array of fun, fruity flavors. Think everything from passion fruit to blueberry.

Typically, seltzers are made from fruit flavorings, brewed cane sugar, and sometimes fruit juice and soda water.

In the US, White Claw is a popular choice for hard seltzers.

Eat A Sizeable Meal Before You Go Out

We know this sounds slightly counter-productive from a weight loss perspective, but hear us out. How many times have you picked up a light bite on your way to the pub, to line your stomach, only to grow ravenously hungry over the course of the night as the hours pass and the drinks go down? Youre not going to order that exorbitantly-priced salad on the menu your beer brain will simply not allow you to even consider it, and your body needs something more substantial anyway. Its just not healthy to stave off hunger or drink on an empty stomach! Even if you do manage to resist ordering that burger/Sunday roast/sharing platter of nachos, youre only kicking the can down the road towards the kebab shop, where youll soon be jabbing at a big styrofaom box of meat and chips.

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Can You Still Lose Weight If You Drink Alcohol

Yes, you can still lose weight if you drink alcohol because weight loss depends exclusively on whether youre in a calorie deficit. As long as you continue to consume fewer calories than youre burning every day, you will lose weight.

Dr Pulde, who works with the healthy eating app Lifesum , offers a suggestion for how to do this when drinking. Decide ahead of time how much you plan to drink and honor that commitment, she says. Try having smaller glasses or bottles, and if it helps, let your wallet limit you and take only the money you will need for the evening you have planned. This, along with following a plan like the 80/20 diet rule which is based around moderation, could help you avoid accidentally drinking too much and pushing yourself out of that all-important deficit.

Naturally though, staying in the deficit while drinking is harder than going tee-total for a while or reducing your consumption right down.

An Alternative To Booze For Anyone Looking To Lose Weight

Which Alcohol Is Good For Weight Loss? (LOWEST CALORIE ALCOHOL DRINKS) | LiveLeanTV

Keep in mind: Mocktails are always an option. Going liquor-free is the ultimate way to cut back on alcohol calories. But youll still need to keep an eye on whats going into the mocktails and choose a low-, or better yet, no-calorie water or sparkling water drink with lime, Kostro Miller suggests. If you do choose to drink alcohol on a given night, she says its a good idea to alternate between an alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink to keep your calorie intake in check. This will spread out the calories from alcohol and keep you hydrated, she says.

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First How Many Calories Are In Different Types Of Alcohol

In general, different types of alcohol have about the same number of calories, explains Amy Gorin, RDN, the owner of Plant Based With Amy. A 100-calorie drink on its own isnt going to sabotage your goals, she adds. The truth is what makes a drink super filling isnt the alcohol itself, but rather what that bartender is adding into your drink, like sugary mixes, simple syrups, etc.

Best And Worst Types Of Alcohol For Weight Loss

Forgoing booze altogether is ideal if losing weight is your health goal, but if you must imbibe, registered dietitians recommend opting for certain alcoholic beverages over others.

Helen Rushbrook/Stocksy

Alcohol consumption is on the rise, even though happy hour at bars and restaurants is on hold in many parts of the world. When COVID-19 stay-at-home orders went into effect back in March, during just one week, national alcohol sales increased 54 percent compared with the same week in 2019, and three out of every four adults began consuming alcohol one more day per month year over year, according to a letter published in September 2020 in the journal JAMA Network Open.

You may not think drinking more during the pandemic sounds bad because having a glass of wine with dinner is good for your heart, right? But its not that good, according to some research. A meta-analysis published in August 2018 in The Lancet found that while alcohol has been shown to provide some protective factors for heart disease and diabetes among women, the positive effects were offset by the fact that alcohol can increase the risk of cancer, accidents, and communicable disease. It seems the answer to the question of whether drinking even in moderation is healthy varies depending on whom you ask.

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Here are the best and worst types of alcohol to drink if youre watching your weight.

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Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout

~175 calories per 12oz bottle, 21g carbs, 5% ABV

Now, I know this isn’t the lowest-calorie beer out there. But I figured I should include something for chocolate lovers before they come at me with pitchforks. Chocolate stouts can contain upwards of 300 calories, so I would say this option is a pretty decent compromise. And it’s mighty-good tasting, too!

The first thing you’ll notice is a gorgeous and intense chocolate flavor, and once this dwindles, you’ll be met with delicate roasted malt, vanilla, and cocoa flavors. With a velvety and very smooth finish, this is a match made in heaven between luxurious chocolate and high-quality stout.

It isn’t overbearingly sweet or chocolatey, and it’s almost as if they resorted to black magic to get this perfect balance. On a side note, this stout is brewed with well water drawn from 85 feet below the ground. So, you might say that’s their magic touch.

You will need to practice some self-control with this . But after all, it isn’t the lowest-calorie beer on the market.

Which Alcohol Is Best During Weight Loss

Which Alcohol Has The Least Amount Of Calories

Whiskey, white and red wine, vodka and rum, tequila shots, champagne, gin, and light beer are the most appropriate low-calorie alcohols to consume. Sugary cocktails and regular craft beer should be avoided as part of a weight loss plan.

The Best Alcohols For Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight and cut calories, it is best not to consume alcohol. Alcohol has a lot of calories, making it an unattractive food source. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis will not damage your diet, but overdoing it will result in you gaining weight rather than losing weight. For weight loss, I recommend drinking tequila, vodka, gin, and whiskey. You wont have to worry about exceeding your calorie limit because they only have 60-70 calories per drink.

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The 15 Lowest Calorie Alcohols

Diet foods stereotypically have no flavor and make you feel like youre eating cardboard. If youre counting on an alcoholic beverage to help you unwind, you dont want something tasteless that doesnt give you a buzz.

We compiled a list of the lowest-calorie alcohols that still make a great-tasting drink.

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