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Calories In Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo

How Many Calories Are In Olive Garden Spaghetti

Reimagined 600 Calorie Olive Garden Shrimp Alfredo

If youre wondering how many calories are in Olive Garden spaghetti, youre not alone. This Italian restaurant chains menu varies, but the typical spaghetti dish comes in at about 640 calories per serving. The spaghetti with meat sauce is made with 20 grams of fat and is composed of about half carbs and half protein. For a lighter alternative, try the cappellini pomodoro or the Capellini Pomodoro. These pasta dishes are prepared in just minutes and contain no more than 650 calories.

The nutrition facts for Olive Garden spaghetti with meat sauce are based on an average calorie diet for an average adult. This figure also includes the recommended daily intake of amino acids for an average 180-pound person. However, your calorie requirements will differ depending on your gender, age, and level of physical activity. You should always consult a physician if youre concerned about your diet. The images on this page are for illustration purposes only. They may include other products similar to the one youve chosen.

The Olive Garden Chicken and Gnocchi soup contains 250 calories, which is about 12.5 percent of your daily calorie intake. While this dish contains a generous amount of sodium, its low in fat and high in carbs. Olive Gardens Pasta e Fagioli is light, with only 130 calories per serving. It contains 4 grams of total fat and 960 mg of sodium.

Chicken Salad Is High In Protein

Protein is one of the primary nutrients your body needs to build and maintain bone, muscle, cartilage, and more .

Most adults need to eat 4565 grams of protein each day, though factors like age, sex, physical activity, and general health status could further increase or decrease those requirements .

Thus, just one portion of chicken salad could account for nearly one-third of your entire protein requirements for the day.

In addition to being essential for bone health and muscle strength, protein:

  • regulates appetite (

Therefore, eating chicken salad could help you meet the daily recommendations for many nutrients.


Chicken salad is an affordable and nutrient-dense source of lean protein that is easy to make at home.

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How Many Calories Is Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

The calories in Olive Gardens Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo are based on a 35-year-old female with a weight of 144 lb. The amount of fat and sodium is approximately 57%. Olive Gardens calorie content is below the daily limit for most people, which is 2,000 calories a day. However, the company recognizes that not everyones calorie needs are the same.

The chains Chicken Alfredo has been a popular menu item for decades. The recipe remains the same. In fact, its the most popular item on Olive Gardens menu. You can easily make the dish at home in 30 minutes and pay only $1 per serving.

You should begin by seasoning the chicken breasts with one teaspoon of salt and pepper. Then, grill until the meat is no longer pink in the middle. Once the chicken is cooked, cover it with foil and cook for 30 seconds more.

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How To Make Copycat Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce On The Stove

Step 1: Begin by boiling a pot of water and cooking the fettuccine al-dente based on the package instructions. As the noodles cook, begin making the sauce.

Step 2: In a large saucepan on the stovetop, melt butter over medium heat. Once melted, add minced garlic and cook for about one minute or until the garlic begins to sizzle and turns light golden brown.

Step 3: Next, make a roux by sprinkling flour into the pan and whisking it together with the butter and garlic.

Step 4: Once the roux is formed, slowly add the heavy cream and milk, continuously whisking as you pour.

Step 5: Bring the Alfredo sauce to a lower simmer and let it thicken. Then add the cheese ½ a cup at a time, slowly whisking and melting it down until its incorporated.

Step 6: Salt and pepper the sauce to your taste, then add the drained fettuccine noodles to the Alfredo. Toss together to coat.

Step 7: Top with freshly grated Parmesan and parsley, then serve warm.

In A Day How Many Calories Should I Consume

How Many Calories in Olive Garden?

Age, size, height, relationship, lifestyle, and general general health are all factors that influence recommended calorie intake. In the United States, men should consume around 2,500 calories per day and women should consume around 2,000.

Eating a large breakfast can help with weight loss and maintenance.

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Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo Allergens


Allergy Information: a Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo contains gluten, milk, soy and wheat. a Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo does not contain egg, fish, peanuts, sesame, shellfish or tree nuts.*

* Please keep in mind that most fast food restaurants cannot guarantee that any product is free of allergens as they use shared equipment for prepping foods.

What Is Chicken Salad

The first thing that may come to mind when you hear chicken salad is the classic creamy American-style dish that dates back to the mid-1800s.

This version of chicken salad often uses a standard set of ingredients like boiled eggs, celery, apples, grapes, and almonds or pecans. These staples are combined with cooked chicken and typically held together with mayonnaise.

Chicken salad can have many different flavor profiles and ingredients mixed in. Its typically served cold and made with cooked chicken, a dressing, and sometimes extra vegetables, nuts, seeds, or fruit for flavor and crunch.

For example, chicken salad can be Thai-inspired, combining chopped chicken and cucumber with the flavors of peanut, ginger, garlic, chili oil, and rice vinegar.

A traditional Mexican chicken salad, known as ensalada de pollo, uses sour cream and mayo to bind together chicken and mixed vegetables such as beans, corn, and potatoes.

You can find chicken salad at delis and restaurants, buy it premade at the grocery store, or make your own chicken salad at home.


Chicken salad uses a binder like mayonnaise, yogurt, or salad dressing to combine cooked chicken with various other fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices.

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How To Make Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo

Brush the chicken with olive oil and season with salt & pepper. Grill the chicken on each side until cooked through.

In the meantime, prepare the pasta according to the directions.

In a skillet, combine the heavy cream and butter. Heat until small bubbles form but do not let it boil. Whisk in the parmesan cheese and the garlic powder. The sauce will begin to thicken up. Remove from the heat and add the pasta. Serve with the chicken on top.

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The Truth About Olive Garden’s Chicken Alfredo

33 OliveGarden Seafood Menu 34 Shrimp Alfredo 35 Chicken And Shrimp Carbonara 36 Shrimp Scampi 37 OliveGarden Desserts Menu 38 Chocolate Brownie Lasagna 39 Seasonal Sicilian Cheesecake 40 Tiramisu 41 Lemon Cream Cake 42 Black Tie Mousse Cake 43 Zeppoli 44 Dolcini 45 OliveGarden Kids Menu 46 Tomato Sauce 47 Meat Sauce 48 Alfredo Sauce. Step 6. Drain the cooked fettuccinepasta, then add it to the saucepan with the OliveGardenAlfredo sauce and the remaining Parmesan cheese. Stir together the pasta, sauce and cheese until fully combined. The thick sauce and extra cheese should cling to the pasta nicely. If the OliveGardenAlfredo sauce still feels slightly thin, you can let . The alfredo atOliveGarden is so good that it has even acquired its own spot on the menu. While there is a myriad of different alfredo dishes, not including the create your own pasta option, the shrimp alfredo stands out with its lightness, creamy texture, and overall freshness.

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Chicken Alfredo’s Nutritional Information

Olive Garden’s Chicken Alfredo contains a ton of calories. According to Eat This, Not That!, the dish contains 1,570 calories, 95 grams of fat, 2,290 milligrams of sodium, 96 grams of carbs, and 81 grams of protein. The FDA recommends consuming less than 2,300 mg of sodium in one day, while Healthgrades states a person should consume an average of 2,000 calories per day. The chain recognizes the latter statistic, stating at the bottom of its Amazing Alfredos section of the menu, “2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary,” .

That being said, you wouldn’t want to eat Chicken Alfredo for every meal every day, but you can’t go wrong with it as a treat every once in a while. With a winning combination like this, the Italian-American chain found a lasting menu item that has kept diners coming back for more.

Ideas For Customizing This Recipe

  • Olive Gardens Fettuccine Alfredo is traditionally made with: flour, garlic, milk, cream, butter as well as parmesan and Romano cheeses. If you dont have Romano cheese on hand you can exclude it or substitute for parmesan, Grano Pradano, Piave, Asiago, or Spanish Manchego cheese.
  • It may not be entirely authentic, but I like adding a bit of cream cheese to my pasta sauce sometimes to give it the perfect richness.
  • If youd like a lighter version of alfredo sauce, try this one made with Greek yogurt.
  • Add a veggie to your Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo, like broccoli. Broccoli works so well with alfredo sauce, chicken, and pasta.
  • No fettuccini? Thats okay, any cooked pasta will work well with this chicken and sauce!
  • Chicken tenderloins work great in this recipe too. Be careful to watch when you are cooking them though as they will cook up faster than chicken breasts.

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Why This Recipe Works

So easy This deliciously creamy, filing Olive Garden copycat recipe is so easy to make and comes together in just 40 minutes! It doesnt get any simpler than that.

Simple ingredients You probably have everything you need in your pantry or fridge right now and if not, a quick trip to any grocery store will rectify that in a jiff!

Family favorite You would not believe how often my family asks for this chicken alfredo recipe. Probably weekly, if not more often. Sometimes I even have to double it because my little kids are starting to eat more like teenagers these days! But no complaints here if we have leftovers.

Prep ahead You can make this alfredo sauce ahead of time and keep it in the fridge until youre ready to make the chicken and fettuccini. I like to double it and keep half in the fridge and half in the freezer for another time.

I Recently Tried The 10 Pasta Dinners Available At Olive Garden And Ranked Them From My Least Favorite To My Favorite

How Many Calories in Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Olive Garden, which has nearly 900 locations in the US, is known for its generous portions and decadent pastas, as well as its famous breadsticks. But with so many delicious-sounding pasta dishes on offer, where do you begin?

In a bid to narrow down the best items, I decided to taste all of the pasta-dinner options on the menu, and then I ranked them on taste and value.

I stuck to dinners only, which eliminated the spaghetti lunch options. I also limited it to dishes that are solely pasta dishes, which means I didn’t try anything that came with a side of pasta, like chicken parmigiana, or anything that doesn’t need pasta, like shrimp scampi.

That left me with 10 dishes: five types of Alfredo, lasagna, carbonara, stuffed shells, ziti, and ravioli.

Overall, I found that my Olive Garden experience was perfectly fine. Nothing was totally bursting with flavor, but nothing was particularly unpleasant either. I can understand why it’s so popular around the country, as it’s reasonably priced and dependable, and I get the sense that the chain is remarkably consistent.

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Why Youll Love This Recipe

  • You can enjoy the amazing taste of Olive Gardens Alfredo sauce without having to leave the house!
  • This recipe is simple but so impressive and makes a ton.
  • The ingredients are easy to find at your local store many are pantry staples. The price of Olive Gardens Alfredo Sauce will depend on the location, however, typically the Alfredo sauce is around $7.95 per serving. You can feed an entire family making this dish for around $15-$20 bucks!

Storage And Serving Tips

Serve: As with most recipes with dairy products, you shouldnt leave this Fettuccine Alfredo out for longer than 2 hours.

Store: Keep leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator. If possible, store the alfredo sauce and the pasta separately. The sauce needs to reheat at a low, slow temperature, so it doesnt break or become grainy.

Freeze: Because of all the dairy in the sauce, it will not freeze well.

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Healthier Menu Choices At Olive Garden

Olive Gardens healthiest meals come from their Lighter Italian Fare menu. Olive Garden claims that their Lighter Italian Fare menu items are inspired by Italys Mediterranean Coast where the diet is primarily vegetables, whole grains, herbs and spices, and olive oil. Sounds good, right? But theres a catch. Some items are a healthier meal choice on their own, but once you add soup, salad , breadsticks, and dessert, the fat, calories, and sodium content soars. Keep this in mind as you plan your next Olive Garden meal.

Olive Garden A La Carte Keto Options:

Olive Garden Grilled Chicken Alfredo
  • Grilled Chicken: 150 calories | 5g fat | < 1g carbs | < 1g fiber | 0g sugar | 27g protein | < 1g net carbs
  • Italian Sausage Links : 470 calories | 39g fat | 2g carbs | < 1g fiber | 2g sugar | 27g protein | 2g net carbs
  • Shrimp: 60 calories | 0g fat | 2g carbs | 0g fiber | 0g sugar | 14g protein | 0g net carbs
  • Herb-Grilled Salmon: 460 calories | 29g fat | 8g carbs | 5g fiber | 3g sugar | 45g protein | 3g net carbs

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Which Pasta Is Best For Weight Loss

Whole-grain pasta is also lower in calories and higher in fiber and certain micronutrients than refined pasta. Fiber moves through the gastrointestinal tract undigested and helps promote fullness. For this reason, whole-grain pasta may be more effective than refined pasta in reducing appetite and cravings.

My Second Least Favorite Was The Cheese Ravioli Olive Garden Describes It As Indulgent But That Wasn’t My Experience

The chain describes the cheese ravioli as being “filled with a blend of indulgent Italian cheeses.” It comes with a choice of meat sauce or marinara sauce personally, I don’t like marinara sauce, so I went for the meat sauce again.

It’ll set you back $15.79 and anywhere between 780 and 860 calories.

The cheese inside the ravioli is what sets this above the lasagna as well as the lower price for more food as I could barely taste any cheese in the lasagna due to the amount of meat sauce included. The ravioli had less sauce, which might be negative for some people, but I was able to taste the pasta more.

But even the best pasta with not much seasoning and a solidly average sauce can’t top anyone’s list of best pastas.

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Is Chicken Alfredo Good For A Diet

Cholesterol and sodium

One serving of Fettucini Alfredo contains 10 grams of cholesterol. This along with cholesterol is another reason why you need to limit your intake of Alfredo Sauce. A steady diet of Alfredo sauce can be bad for the health of your heart and it can cause you to over consume on the calories.

Mini Cooper Reliability By Year

Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce Recipe Bring the pot to a gentle simmer and simmer uncovered for 25 minutes. If you need to reduce your heat, do so. You dont want it getting to a full rolling boil. This will burn very quickly if you allow it to.

The Best OliveGarden Pasta Sauce Recipes on Yummly | Creamy Avocado Sauce For Pasta, Pasta Sauce, White Wine Sauce For Pasta. OliveGardenAlfredo Sauce Moms Crazy Cooking. heavy cream, cream cheese, fresh Parmesan cheese, salt, white pepper and 3 more. Plan Shop.

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How To Make Chicken Parmigiana Like Olive Garden

To bread the chicken:

  • Prepare a breading station with three shallow-rimmed containers, such as a pie plate. Place the AP flour in the first container, a mixture of eggs and water in the second container, and Italian bread crumbs and parmesan cheese in the third container. Put a wire rack on a baking tray at the end of the breading station.
  • Cut the chicken in half horizontally.
  • Place half of each chicken breast between two sheets of plastic wrap and use the flat side of a meat tenderizer to flatten the chicken evenly. Season the chicken with salt and pepper on both sides.
  • Repeat with the rest of the chicken.
  • Coat a pounded chicken cutlet in the flour and shake off the excess. Dip the flour-coated chicken into the egg mixture and then coat it in the breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. Place the bread cutlet on the wire rack.
  • Repeat with the remaining chicken.
  • To pan-fry the chicken cutlet:

  • Let the breaded chicken rest for about five minutes. Resting the chicken allows the breading to adhere and will help prevent it from falling off while frying.
  • While the chicken is resting, heat a rondeau or deep skillet over medium-high heat and add a 1/2-inch of vegetable oil to the pan. Use a clip-on deep-fry thermometer to check the temperature and adjust the heat until the oil reaches 350°F.
  • Repeat with the remaining chicken cutlets.
  • To finish the Olive Garden Chicken Parmesan recipe:

  • Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  • Place chicken in a single layer in a baking dish.
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