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Calories In White Claw Surge

What’s The Difference Between White Claw And White Claw Surge

White Claw Surge Nutrition Facts | Low Cal Seltzer?

Your standard White Claws are a 355 ml seltzer with 100 calories and 5% alcohol content. The new Surge White Claws are the same size, but they’re 140 calories and have an alcohol percentage of 7%. The packaging is also different deep blue, a strong departure from the iconic white cans we’re used to.

The blue colour probably does not affect the taste, but it does switch up the aesthetic when you’re taking selfies with your bevvies at cool parties. That’s what parties are like, right?

Its About Time We Abandoned The Idea Of Drinking Alcohol Especially Hard Seltzer For Health Reasons In This Weeks Drinking With Esther Newsletter

A big part of White Claws messaging has been around its low alcohol and calorie counts. Now, the brand has released Surge, a higher-alcohol hard seltzer.

Its been a big week in the hard-seltzer world. White Claw, the most popular brand of hard seltzer in the U.S., introduced a new product with a special hook: Its higher in alcohol.

White Claw Surge, which comes in blood orange and cranberry flavors, bumps up the alcohol content from 5% to 8%, and fills a bigger can 16 ounces, as opposed to the originals 12 ounces. Naturally, the larger volume and higher alcohol adds some nutritional impact. Whereas its other hard seltzers advertise their 100-calorie-per-can counts, Surge delivers 220 calories.

In other words, White Claw, after building a brand on the premise that its hard seltzers are a healthier alcohol choice than the competition, seems to have pretty much abandoned all pretense surrounding that. Im hoping this means that the rest of us can abandon that pretense too. Hard seltzer has never been a healthy beverage. Drinking any type of alcohol specifically for health reasons is drinking it for the wrong reasons.

May White Claw Surge usher in a new era of transparency. Its as if Surge is winking at us, whispering, All along, we knew that all you really wanted was to get drunk.

If You Drink White Claw Every Night You Will Be Filling Your Body With Empty Calories

White Claw’s low-carb, low-calorie makeup and light fruity flavor may have attracted many health-conscious drinkers, but Everyday Health calls those values a “health halo,” stating that the drink is filled with empty calories that don’t support your health.

“There are no real nutritional benefits from consumption of hard seltzer, as they are primarily just empty calories,” Mia Syn, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Charleston, S.C., told the website. Placing the drink into a category of “fun foods,” the nutritionist said consumption of the beverage is fine but should be kept “to a minimum” drinking it daily will only fill your body with empty calories. “They provide energy, but no other nutrition like vitamins and minerals,” she said.

Judging the drink only in terms of calories and carbs or even by its lower alcohol content can be misleading, the expert added, saying that many consumers see it as a “free pass.” Syn said, “Someone could view this drink as healthy and ‘diet-friendly,’ which could lead to someone consuming more, increasing both the number of calories and quantity of alcohol.” So, if you want to drink White Claw every night, just know that you’re not doing your body any favors in terms of caloric intake.

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What Are The New White Claw Flavours

The Surge line of seltzers introduces four new flavours: Blackberry, Blood Orange, Cranberry and Lime. Okay, White Claws already come in lime, but the other three are brand-new and unique to the Surge line.

It remains to be seen whether the standard Tangerine White Claw tastes particularly different from the new Surge Blood Orange.

White Claw Hard Seltzer Nutrition Information

White Claw Surge Cranberry Review &  Rating

Heres what you can expect in terms of nutrition for both of the White Claw 70 clementine and pineapple flavors, per 12-ounce can:

Compared to the original 100-calorie White Claw hard seltzer, White Claw 70 has 30 less calories and 1.3% less alcohol, says Keri Gans, M.S., R.D.N, author of TheSmall Change Diet.

When you take a closer look at the ingredients of the 70-calorie clementine seltzer and the 100-calorie tangerine seltzer, they almost look identical, except the 100-calorie version contains cane sugar and tangerine juice concentrate, explains Amy Gorin, M.S., R.D.N., owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition in New York. Even so, the 12-ounce tangerine beverage has just 2 grams of added sugarcontributing a minimal amount to the daily suggested limit on added sugar .

Note: The company doesnt list they type of alcohol they use in their seltzers, which Gorin says would be helpful for consumers to know.

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Truly Vs White Claw: The Breakdown

Both drinks come in 5% ABV slim cans. Thats about as much alcohol as a Budweiser. The alcohol used in hard seltzer is usually made from fermented cane sugar.

Aside from flavors, the main difference between these two drinks is their nutritional profiles, although both include just a few simple ingredients, including citric acid and sodium citrate. Both drinks are relatively low in calories, which is a huge appeal in the hard seltzer market. Both drinks contain just 100 calories and two grams of carbs, and they tend to come in slimmer 12 oz cans to differentiate them from beer.

However, these drinks differ in their levels of sugar: Trulys only contains 1g sugar per can, while White Claws contains two grams per can.

Recently, White Claw released a new version of their seltzer called 70 that contains fewer calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar. The rest of their seltzers still abide by their standard nutritional profile.

Hard seltzer is a relatively new product in the alcohol industry. Only in the past few years have seltzers begun to be accepted by drinkers worldwide, but now they are widely lauded for their taste and convenience.

While some companies have attempted to release spiked seltzers in the past, none have gained as much traction as Truly or White Claw. Now, seltzer is a legitimate competitor in the field, and tons of brands are racing to hop on the bandwagon.

Fewer Calories Means Fewer Nutrients

However, just because hard seltzers commonly have fewer calories per serving than other alcoholic drinks does not mean that they are good for you. Youre not getting any nourishment from these brightly colored cans, so lets stop thinking that.

The ingredients of the very first hard seltzer brand, Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer , consist of water, corn syrup, natural flavors, sodium citrate, and malted rice. This is a common recipe for many brands, with some swapping corn syrup for cane sugar.

Contrary to popular belief, when you consume spiked seltzer, you are not actually consuming seltzer with vodka or another clear alcohol. You are drinking sweetened seltzer water that has gone through the fermentation process. This is very similar to the way in which the sugars in barely are fermented to make beer, though it is commonly gluten-free .

Even though some spiked seltzers have no added sugar, they still contain empty calories with next to no real nutritional value. And hard seltzers that have been flavored with fruit juice contain an amount so small that it usually fails to equal even one serving of fruit.

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Dietitians Say The New White Claw Surge Is The Nutrition Equivalent Of 2 Boozy Drinks

White Claw, the hard seltzer thats built up quite the reputation as a fruity light beer alternative, has a new drink rolling out across the U.S.and its getting plenty of buzz already.

The new White Claw Surge is sold in 16-ounce cans with 8% alcohol by volume . Thats a definite increase compared to the original White Claw, which comes in 12-ounce cans and contains 5% ABV. The new Surge also comes in summery blood orange and cranberry flavors.

People are already freaking out about the news on Twitterso much so, that the drink was trending after the news dropped last week. Fans of the brand are especially excited that the new release coincides with plenty of Americans getting fully vaccinated before summer hits .

The goal of the product seems to be an alcoholic drink without all the high-processed ingredients and syrups, says Beth Warren, R.D., founder of Beth Warren Nutrition and author of Secrets of a Kosher Girl. Its basically providing alcohol with a hint of sweetness and carbonation.

But due to the hard seltzers larger size and boost in ABV, you may be wondering how it stacks up in the nutrition department. Heres what to expect in the fizzy new drink, and what dietitians think about it.

How Did This Pesky Sugar End Up In My Wine

White Claw Surge Review|8% Seltzer??|This Is Dangerous!

The sugar in wine is called Residual Sugar or RS.

That means the sugar in wine is what remains after grapes have gone through the winemaking process. Grapes contain fruit sugars and the residual sugar is whats left after yeast has chomped on those sugars.

Dry vs. Sweet WineDuring winemaking, yeast eats up sugar and makes ethanol as a by-product. When the yeast is able to eat up all the sugar the result is a dry wine higher in alcohol content and low in sugar. When the yeast is is stopped by a winemaker sugar remains and alcohol is lower.

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Where Can You Buy White Claw Surge In Montreal

White Claw Surges White Claws Surge? Either way, they’re sold wherever you get your alcohol, from your favourite dep to the nearby SAQ. As the rollout continues, we can expect to see Surges flooding the city. It’s a little late for a summery drink, but Montrealers can make even the coldest day feel like a party.

This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

MTL Blog does not condone the overconsumption of alcohol or other legal substances. If you’re going to drink alcohol or consume cannabis, please do so responsibly and only if you’re of legal age.

White Claw Is Leading The Hard Seltzer Market

Since its debut, White Claw has continued to increase in sales, slowly taking over the beverage aisle. Overall, ready-to-go alcoholic beverage sales have skyrocketed, and sales in the malt-based cocktail category have increased by 574 percent.

With such a spike in the market, a number of companies have introduced a malt-based cocktail beverage similar to White Claw including brands like Truly, Pure and Bon & Viv. And with an expected growth of the category from its current worth at $550 million to $2.5 billion by 2021, jumping from a consumption rate of 14 million cases in 2018 to 72 million cases in 2021, its no wonder there are as many companies getting on board as possible.

But even with the addition of portable malt beverages from large companies all the way down to craft breweries, White Claw is still leading the charge. According to Business Insider, White Claw is leading the market with 50 percent of the hard seltzer share, but plenty of other beverage companies are hoping to catch up. So far, White Claw doesnt have to put too much worry into the competition.

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How Many Calories Are In A White Claw Surge

Franck Wang 0

Known as spiked seltzer, White Claw has become a popular drink among men and women. A can contains 2.8 grams of sugar and a little more than 100 calories. However, it is not as calorie-dense as craft vodka, which is what many people are tempted to think when they hear the name. It is a lot higher in calories than other alcoholic beverages.

Like other canned cocktails, White Claw Surge contains alcohol and has about 150 to 170 calories per can. However, you should be aware that each can contains only two grams of carbs. The brands new flavors, which are inspired by mixed drinks, are also delicious and can be enjoyed with or without alcohol. It is also made from real fruit and other natural ingredients, which means that it is keto-friendly and vegan.

The can of White Claw Surge is bolder and bluer than its predecessors. The can of White Claw is characteristically white, but the packaging and labeling make it stand out. The beverage is eight percent ABV, which makes it a refreshing option for those who prefer a more alcoholic beverage. It is also a more expensive beverage, so it is wise to know the calories content before buying it. You can visit Seltzer Nation now for more info.

How Many Calories Are In A White Claw Surge?

Do White Claws Have Sugar

White Claw Hard Seltzer adds 8% ABV Surge

With the brand clearly stating 100 calories on every can, the next question to investigate is the sugar content of this beverage. If the calories are so low its only natural to wonder do White Claws have sugar?

If you look at the list of ingredients and nutrients on the can of most flavors, youll find the following:

  • Purified carbonated water
  • Natural fruit juice concentrate

These are the ingredients listed on White Claw fruit-flavored hard seltzers such as Black Cherry, Mango, Ruby Grapefruit, Raspberry, and Natural Lime. The White Claw sugar content of these drinks equals 2 grams per 12 fl oz can. The sugar content of a glass of wine averages around 1.2 grams which is lower than one serving of White Claw.

On a 1:1 ratio per serving, if youre wanting to watch your sugar consumption, wine is the better alternative if you stick to one glass. Most beers also have zero sugar or a minimal amount but their carbs content at around 11 grams is far higher. Keep this in mind when comparing White Claw as a healthier alternative to your favorite ale.

Quick Tip! If you want to cut down White Claw sugar content, opt for the brands Hard Seltzer Iced Tea range. These alcoholic drinks also contain 100 calories but only 1 gram of sugar per 12 fl oz can.

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If You Drink White Claw Every Night You Could Help Protect Yourself From Cardiovascular Disease

Harvard’s School of Public Health noted there is a connection between moderate drinking and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, as suggested by more than 100 prospective studies. Observed in both men and women, the findings were not based on any particular beverage but simply focused on the presence of moderate levels of alcohol in the blood. So, bring on the Claw.

“The idea that moderate drinking protects against cardiovascular disease makes sense biologically and scientifically,” noted an article from Harvard’s School of Public Health, citing how moderate amounts of alcohol raise levels of HDL, or “good” cholesterol. Moderate alcohol consumption has also reportedly been linked with beneficial changes ranging from “better sensitivity to insulin to improvements in factors that influence blood clotting.”

If you apply these findings to White Claw consumption, choosing to drink White Claw every night in small doses could potentially “prevent the formation of small blood clots that can block arteries in the heart, neck, and brain” which Harvard called the “ultimate cause of many heart attacks and the most common kind of stroke.”

A Good Drink For A Night Out

In general, the drink has fewer calories than wine, and its still a good choice for a night out. While the alcohol content is slightly higher than in beer, it still offers some health benefits. And it is not a bad choice for an evening out with friends. While its not a healthy drink, it does have its advantages. You should always make your own decision.

The product is also marketed as a drink with lower calories than beer. Compared to beer, it has a higher ABV, which can lead to lower calorie counts. But it is still a good choice if you want to drink a light beverage during a hot day. However, it is worth considering the calories in a White Claw for its fruity flavor and sugar content.

White Claw Surge is one of the most popular types of alcoholic drinks. Although it has only a low alcohol content, it is still an alcoholic beverage. The drink is gluten-free and has no carbs, but it is low in sugar. If youre trying to lose weight, you should choose a diet plan that is low in sugar.

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Ingredients Of White Claw

The other thing to look for in a White Claw Surge is the ingredient list. Its ingredients include malt liquor, fermented cane sugar, artificial fruit flavors, and sodium citrate. This isnt a health beverage by any means. But, if youre looking for a way to enjoy your favorite beverage without putting too much weight on your waist, its best to start with a can of this beverage.

The second important thing to consider is the alcohol content of the drink. The White Claw hard seltzer has 12% alcohol by volume, which is the same as four glasses of wine. Its important to remember that white Claw is popular with everyone. So, while you should avoid too many of these drinks, theyre still worth trying.

Night out drink

Lets Go There: Wine Vs White Claw

White Claw Surge Natural Lime Hard Seltzer

When it comes to flavor, soul, and yep, even White Claw’s calories wines still got it, baby.

During the summer of 2019 as we were building Maker the market for hard seltzers absolutely exploded. This Summer of Seltzer proved to have staying power Nielsen dubbed spiked seltzer the most resilient alcohol segment in the U.S. in 2020. Its growth only increased during the pandemic spiked seltzers reached $4 billion in sales in 2020, compared to $1.5 billion in 2019. Hard seltzer buyers have on beer and wine , and our own survey data also shows that hard seltzer is directly taking share from the wine world.

And Ill admit, as a budding young 20-wait-make-that-30-something, I was seduced by the siren song of the seltzer as well. Just 100 calories, light, and refreshing, it promises a guilt-free social buzz.

So as a card-carrying millennial who gets the appeal and as a wine lover ripping my hair out, I decided to take a closer look.

Spoiler alert, wine wins.

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