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Free 1500 Calorie Meal Plan

What Does A 1500 Calorie Diet Plan For Women Include

1500 Calorie Meal Plan For Weight Loss

The basic rule of this diet plan is to bring all the nutritious and healthy food options on your plate. Additionally, you have to restrict your daily calorie intake to 1500 calories.

This way, you can quickly lose 1-2 pounds of weight per week and reach up to your desired weight loss goals within the specified period.

Now, wait! Dont take this diet as a magic wand that can bring you desired results overnight.

You have to put through your efforts with all the right focus and dedication while going by the rules and guidelines of this printable 1500 calorie diet for women.

How Many Calories Per Day To Lose Weight

Everyone is a little bit different when it comes to an average calories per day recommendation. Some people will need 1200 calories, others need 1500 calories a day.

In this section we will talk about how to find out how many calories per day to lose weight, maintain weight, and how to find out your personal calories per day to lose weight.

Below in the 1500 Calorie Diet and adding more calories section we will talk about adding calories mid-week or mid diet as needed

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Meal Prep And Printable For 1500 Calorie Day

Im officially 8 weeks out from my next fitness competition, so Ive decided to be less flexible, and more on point with my calories and macros.

Since my bikini competition last summer, Ive been able to keep my weight within 3-5 lbs while being pretty flexible with my diet. I stick mostly to my calories and macros, but I definitely have been allowing myself untracked food more often than not.

I also have been eating some highly palatable foods, which makes it more difficult to stick with my program. I regret nothing! But the next 8 weeks, things need to change so I can follow the plan more easily.

My current calories and macros are 1500 calories, 150 grams protein, 150 grams carbs, and 40 grams fat.

So, for the next 8 weeks, Im committing to be exact. Measuring everything, and putting my macros into a meal plan. I want to be super consistent. I plan to eat close to the same foods every day, and change the meals up only after a week.

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Dont Drink Your Calories

A latte at breakfast, a juice at lunch and a 12-ounce beer at dinner could cost you nearly one-third of your daily calories.

Youll feel more satisfied on a 1,500 calorie diet if you save your calories for food. Stick to unsweetened coffee or tea, water, sparkling water or other calorie-free drinks.

Print The 1500 Macro Friendly Meal Plan

ð¥A DAY OF EATING 1500 CALORIESð¥ . ð?This callories is relatively self

I created an entire for this meal plan. It has a one page print out of the meals, the shopping list, the notes, the recipes, and all the calculated calories and macros.

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So sorry for the terrible quality on the video!! Definitely not my talent to make videos. lol


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Sample Meal Plan Composed By Unimeal Experts: Whats On Your Plate

We believe that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best ones for weight loss and overall health. Thats why we have used its main principles to compose this meal plan:

  • We have chosen easy-to-follow recipes filled with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to step-by-step instructions, you can prep these meals even if youre a newbie in the kitchen. One meal takes 20-30 minutes to cook.
  • We minimized the amount of red meat but ensured that this plan contained other high-quality protein sources. Protein is highly satiating and is vital for muscle growth and maintenance. This is why every meal we offer contains some protein source.
  • Every meal has a well-balanced ratio of protein, fats, and carbs.

Each day includes meals for about 1200-1500 calories. But were all different. Choose recipes and meal days according to your needs in calories.

If Your Goal Is To Lose Weight A Meal Plan Can Be A Useful Way To Help

Many people choose to take on a calorie-controlled diet to help them lose weight and manage their food intake. But its important to make sure its the right option for you first.

Our 1,500 calorie meal plan is both calorie and carb counted for your convenience, and contains at least five portions of fruit and veg per day. Across the week weve calculated an average of around 1500kcal per day to help you reach your goals.

Weve included the value for fibre too to help you make sure you are meeting your nutritional requirements. We know lots of people in the UK arent eating enough fibre, so its important to try and include good sources in your diet every day.

The recipes within this plan serve anywhere from 1-6 people. You can either reduce the quantities to serve as many people as needed or look at the chefs tips to see if the recipe can be made in bulk and frozen for a later date. This will also help reduce waste.

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Calorie Sample Meal Plan 3



  • Whole wheat wrap


  • Crushed tomatoes

Total calories for the day 1521

Protein sources in this 1500 calorie meal plan will be peanut butter, hummus, beans, turkey and almonds.

On the other side, carbs will be sourced from oatmeal, kidney beans, hummus and cheese.

Fibers will come from all the fresh fruits and vegetables in this 1500 calorie meal plan.

General Guidelines For The 1500 Calorie Diet Plan For Women

My 1500 calorie meal plan for 7 days
  • Women require more iron in their diet to keep up with their daily routines, and this is where the inclusion of iron-rich foods like Chicken, red meat, pork, Kale, spinach is a pre-requisite
  • It would be best if you avoid all kinds of processed, sugary or refined foods to stay away from those extra calories
  • Club this meal plan with a light exercising routine to reach up to your desired weight loss goals faster
  • Keep track on your daily calorie intake to get the best results out of this diet plan
  • Never compromise on your daily water intake and drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day
  • Stay away from any addiction to alcohol or smoking

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Calorie Healthy Macro Meal Plan

This 7 day macro friendly healthy meal plan is 1500 calories, 150 grams of protein, 150 g carbs, and 40 g of fat. for a one page printable view of the plan, new healthy meal ideas, the shopping list, and the recipes!

  • Weight Loss Resources
  • After posting a before and after weight loss picture on Instagram, a reader asked how weighing and measuring food affected my relationship with food, and what kind of message that would send to kids in the home.

    In full transparency, Ive never suffered from an eating disorder, beyond the typical days of overeating because Im mad at the world, or because food tastes so good.

    After thinking about this question though, I realized there is a big difference between weighing and measuring your food because you have a poor relationship with food, and doing it because you want to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need.

    The 1200 Calorie Meal Plan

    I want to empower you to make your own 1200 calorie diet menu. So I will give you EVERYTHING for FREE! Here is a 1200 calorie diet menu plan in PDF format for you to print out. Then click on the links below it to choose your own 1200 calorie meal plan meals.

    The great thing about this printable 1200 calorie diet plan, is that you can fill in on your computer. Or print blank and hand write in!

    This free 1200 calorie meal plan PDF is meant to make your life easier, you can click the photo for the meal planner above, or the link below:

    This weight loss meal plan free access to all, and easy to access here on the Lose Weight By Eating website.

    For more 7 day weight loss meal plan forms filled out already, scroll below! There youll find one for each of my best selling cookbooks, as well as a weight loss meal plan easy 7 days of recipes from this website.

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    Cost And Time Breakdown

    Each week’s menu will cost you roughly $250 to $300 in groceries depending on whether or not you choose organic, chop sales, buy some items prepped, location, etc.

    You can also plan to take a two to three hours each week cooking and prepping your dishes – does not include clean up time!

    For roughly the same cost and zero cooking or clean up time, you could have all of your food prepared and shipped directly to your door each week with Trifecta’s clean eating meal delivery. Never eat the same thing again, skip the meal prep altogether, and make sticking to your clean eating diet easier than ever!

    What Are Some Lower Carb Options

    Pin on business card

    The hardest part about cutting back on carbohydrates is knowing what you CAN eat instead. It is important that any carbs you are consuming are low starch and nutrient dense.

    You can take some of your favorite foods and replace them with a healthier and lower carb option. For example:

    • Sweet Potato instead of Russet or yellow potato

    • Cauliflower instead f rice, mashed potatoes, or even pizza crust

    Focus on getting fiber from your carbohydrates instead of sugar and starch. Green leafy vegetables and black beans are very high fiber foods.

    When in doubt, choose a salad. We all know greens are good for us, and as an added benefit, we can eat a lot more of them than any other food, while still keeping our calorie count low. Pile up a bed of spinach and lettuce. Toss some cucumber, cherry tomatoes and chopped pecans on top. If you are looking for some added protein, toss a lean meat, like chicken in a skillet with your favorite seasoning and add it to the pile!

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    The 1500 Calorie Meal Plan

    Right now, my macro goals are set by my coach, Shane Heugly. I am competing in another fitness competition in 2021, so I hired him to help me come back to the stage with more muscle. .

    Shane has me eating 150 grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs, and 40 grams of protein .

    Ive listed all the meals with the macros, and you can also print the meal plan here. If you need the recipes and shopping list, get the printable at the very bottom of this post, or here.

    Weekly Planner For A 1500 Calorie Diet For Women

    Day 1.

    1500 calorie diet plan for women Turkey omelet

    Breakfast- 1 serving of turkey omelet

    Snack- 2 servings of spinach, swiss and egg white omelet with 1 whole-wheat toast

    Lunch- 1 serving of gouda cheese on rye sandwich with 2 cups of strawberries

    Snack- 1 serving of protein pancakes with potato fritters

    Dinner- 1 serving of banana nut oatmeal

    Total calories for the day-1496

    1500 calorie diet for women Peanut butter and banana oatmeal

    Breakfast- 1 serving of peanut butter and banana oatmeal

    Snack- 1 serving of peanut butter spinach smoothie

    Lunch- 1 serving of protein pancakes with buttered toast with cinnamon

    Snack- 1 serving of pesto scrambled egg whites with 2 servings of grilled peaches and honey

    Dinner- 1 serving of spinach and mushroom scramble with 2 strips of bacon

    Total calories for the day-1489

    Day 3.

    1500 calorie diet for women Scrambled eggs

    Breakfast- 2 servings of scrambled eggs with vegetables and 1 serving of buttered toast with cinnamon

    Snack- 1 serving of spinach, swiss and egg white omelet with 1 whole-wheat toast

    Lunch- 1 serving of gluten-free banana egg pancake with 1 orange

    Snack- 1 serving of strawberry yogurt smoothie

    Dinner- 1 serving of banana nut oatmeal

    Total calories for the day-1509

    Day 4.

    1500 calorie diet for women Strawberry banana yogurt

    Breakfast- 1 serving of spinach, pepper and tomato scramble on toast

    Snack- 1 serving of sausage, cheese and egg scramble

    Lunch- 1 serving of strawberry banana yogurt with honey

    Day 5.

    Day 6.

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    Healthy 1500 Calorie Meal Plan For Weight Loss

    To slim down and not to start overeating again is quite real. A well-thought-out proper nutrition and a menu for a week for weight loss will help! It all implies a diet of 1500 kcal per day. Check out our 7-day sample meal plan for weight loss!

    One of the great challenges of any diet is that at some point, you dont know what to eat. Now, when youve cut off all your favorite junkies like pizzas, donuts, hamburgers, alcohol, and soda, what should you put on your plate instead? Fortunately, Unimeal dietitians know what to cook. Take a look at our free sample meal plan, and be sure to try out our recipes.

    Get your 100% personalized meal plan by completing our 3-min quiz

    None of the known diets should be followed without considering your unique body needs, preferences, and goals

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    Food Preferences And Allergies

    1500 Calorie Meal Plan – What I Eat In A Day

    The best diet for you is the one you enjoy eating! So if youre not into some of the suggested meal options, feel free to make substitutions.

    This plan is gluten-free and usually only whole foods, but does include some dairy from yogurt and cottage cheese. You can easily swap in your favorite dairy alternatives if needed but note this will likely decrease the total protein amount.

    To make this soy-free, just swap in your favorite soy-free teriyaki sauce and youre all set!

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    How Do You Feel About My Article


    Unimeal does not diagnose or suggest treatments. Any description of the diet, training plan or supplement should be discussed with your current physician or nutritionist. This article does not address specific conditions and is simply meant to provide general information on healthcare topics. Following any advice is at your own initiative and does not impose any responsibility on the blog authors for your health and safety.

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    Foods To Eat On A 1500

    When attempting to lose weight and adopt better eating habits, its important to choose unprocessed, whole foods.

    Though its perfectly healthy to have a treat now and then, the majority of your diet should be made up of the following foods:

    Be sure to eat plenty of fiber-rich foods and quality sources of protein at each meal.

    Protein is the most filling of the three macronutrients and combining a protein with filling fiber sources, such as non-starchy vegetables, beans or berries, can help prevent overeating.

    Research shows that both high-fiber and high-protein diets are effective at promoting fat loss .


    Whole foods, such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and nuts, should make up the majority of any healthy diet.

    Processed foods and added sugar should be kept to a minimum in any healthy weight loss plan.

    Cutting out or limiting the following foods can help you lose weight and improve your overall health.

    Although enjoying a favorite food or beverage every now and then wont hurt your weight loss goals, indulging regularly will.

    For example, if you have a habit of eating ice cream every night after dinner, reduce your intake to one serving of ice cream once or twice a week.

    Cutting back on habits that are hindering weight loss may take time, but its necessary in order to reach your wellness goals.


    Fast food, refined carbs and added sugars should be limited when following a nutritious diet for weight loss.

    The following meals are around 500 calories each (

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    Breads Cereal Rice And Pasta Group

    FruitsOne serving=60-80 calories=1 medium portion of fresh fruit: orange, apple, banana, 2 Tbs. Raisins, ¼ cupdehydrated fruit ½ cup cooked or canned fruit, ½ cup fruit juice.

    VegetablesOne serving=25-30 calories= 1 cup leafy green vegetables, ½ cup cooked, ½ cup chopped, ½ cup raw, ¾ cupvegetable juice.

    Expect Barriers And Know How To Overcome Them


    When you’re doing your best to slash your daily calorie intake, cravings and hunger can hamper your efforts. To counter this, Malina Malkani, RDN, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and creator of the Wholitarian Lifestyle, suggests incorporating more high-volume, low-calorie foods, such as soups, salads, vegetables and fruits. She also recommends eating balanced meals, drinking plenty of water and incorporating other high-fiber foods, such as whole grains, beans and lentils.

    Consuming high-calorie foods of low nutritional value can also get in the way of your progress. So stay away from sugar-sweetened beverages, including sodas and sugary coffee drinks, and cut back on fried foods, desserts, candies and snack chips. “If you choose to restrict calories, it’s important to make every bite count,” Malkani tells

    But even when you’re diligent about cutting back on calories, you won’t necessarily drop weight at the same speed your friend on the same diet does.

    “Fat loss relies on a myriad of factors in addition to the energy value of the diet,” Moe Schlachter, RD and spokesperson for the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and president of Houston Family Nutrition, explains. “These factors include the nutritional quality of the diet along with energy exertion, stimulation of fat cells, hormone signaling, age, sex, disease, medication, genetics, and so much more.”

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    Best Homemade Humus Recipe

    How to Make Homemade Humus Hummus Recipe

    Per Serving

    Raw chickpeas

    Olive oil




    Fresh parsley


    Non-Vegan Topping

    Cherry tomato

    Fresh parsley


    Non-Vegan Topping to Make it Main Meal

    Cherry tomato

    Fresh parsley


    Recipe 30min prep / 40min cooking time

    Pre-soak the chickpeas for a night before or at least 4-5 hours.

    Add 1 teaspoon of baking powder to the water you have soaked.

    Drain and wash.

    Transfer the chickpeas to a large saucepan.

    Add water and cook for 45 minutes.

    Meanwhile, put the tahini, olive oil, cumin, juice of two lemons, and salt in a bowl.

    Finely chop the garlic, add them and mix well.

    Tip: If you are not going to consume all the hummus on the same day, you can store it in the freezer. But in this case, do not add the garlic. You can add the grated garlic just before consumption and serve it after mixing.

    After cooking well and becoming soft, drain the chickpeas, remove the shells of the boiled chickpeas one by one, and put them in a food processor with the tahini mixture you prepared.

    Tip: You can easily peel chickpeas off by rubbing them lightly in the palm of your hand.

    Mix until you get a smooth consistency.

    Recommendation: If the food processor is struggling, add olive oil or water little by little to reach the desired consistency.

    Then take it on a serving plate and press it in the middle with a tablespoon and draw a circle.

    Drizzle 1 tbsp olive oil on it.

    Draw a longitudinal line with some paprika.

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