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Galaxy Watch 4 Calorie Counter

Continuously Measure Your Heart Rate

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Ultimate Health & Fitness Review

To get the most accurate activity data, make sure Samsung Healths app measures your heart rate continuously rather than every 10 minutes.

  • For Wear OS 3 watches like the Galaxy Watch 5 and 4, open Samsung Health on your watch. Scroll down and tap Settings. Tap Heart rate and choose Measure continuously.
  • For Tizen watches like the Galaxy Watch 3, open Samsung Health and choose Settings at the bottom. Tap HR and stress measurement. Choose Measure continuously.
  • For Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit2, use the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Health settings > Auto heart rate settings.
  • For Gear Fit2 and Fit2 Pro, press the power button and swipe to and tap Auto HR.

Vibrant And Bright Display

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic has a rotating bezel like the Galaxy Watch3 that makes it easy to navigate through the watch’s interface.

If you like to use your smartwatch while catching a few rays outside, you’ll be in good hands with both the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. Both the 40mm and 44mm models come with an AMOLED display that’s bright and colorful, even with the sun shining down on it.

During cycling workouts, serving up aces on the tennis court, or walking around town, both displays showed up clearly enough to present the workout’s duration, distance, and average speed without making you squint. If the display is too dim, you can adjust the brightness with a quick swipe down from the top to access the quick settings pane.

Closer To A Traditional Watch In Design

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is powered by an Exynos W920 dual core processor. This is accompanied by 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, where more than half is taken up by the OS and preinstalled apps and services. The remaining can be used for more apps, data and music. In terms of connectivity, you have Bluetooth 5.0 and dual band Wi-Fi as well as an LTE model for both the Classic and the regular Watch 4.

Each model is also IP68 water and dust resistant, which means you can submerse them in water up to five metres.

The circular watch face means that the Galaxy Watch 4 looks closer to a traditional wristwatch than the squared off design of the Apple Watch which, in our book, is a good thing. The included watchband, while comfortable, is fairly bland but thankfully they can be swapped out with any regular 20mm watch band.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Specs

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

In the Wear OS ecosystem, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is no longer your only option. The Galaxy Watch 5 is a more polished jumping-off point for first-time buyers, while the Pixel Watch is a compelling Fitbit-packing alternative made by Google. Mobvois and TicWatch E3 are both due Wear OS 3 upgrades, however, we recommend skipping these watches until that upgrade date is confirmed. The Fossil Gen 6 is another solid Wear OS smartwatch that just received its upgrade. Its a little more stylish than the Galaxy Watch 4 but is lacking in the fitness tracking stakes.

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Our pick for the best fitness smartwatch on Android is the Garmin Venu 2 Plus . Garmins latest smartwatch doesnt have as many smart features as the Galaxy Watch 4 line, but its well-designed interface, an abundance of sports-tracking features, and great battery life make it one of the best picks of 2022.

The is a cheaper alternative to the Galaxy Watch 4 that comes with plenty of fitness-tracking features, fantastic sleep tracking, and even Google Assistant and support.

If youre reading this on your iPhone and were hoping for Android support with Wear OS 3, the is worth checking out. Its our favorite smartwatch of all-time , and can regularly be found on sale. The Apple Watch Series 8 is the better option for health tracking, while the Apple Watch SE 2 is a nice budget pick.

The New Galaxy Watch 4 Is The Apple Watch For Samsung Owners

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung debuted its first Galaxy smartwatch in 2018, but the Galaxy Watch 4 marks a noteworthy shift for the company. Unlike its predecessors, Samsung’s latest smartwatch is powered by Google’s Wear OS 3 , which opens the door for things like having Google Maps on your wrist and better battery life than previous Samsung watches running Tizen. While iPhone owners are now out of luck, Samsung’s latest smartwatch is good for Android, and great for the Samsung faithful.

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  • About the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

  • Tiles provide a lot of information

  • Solid fitness tracking

  • Bixby needs some work

  • Accessibility feels like an afterthought

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 4 firmware update appears to be causing issues for some users, including some examples of the device no longer powering on. Those hoping to save some money on this option over the follow-up Galaxy Watch 5 will want to keep this in mind until things have been fixed. We’ll update this post when we know more.

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All Samsung All The Time

Even though the Galaxy Watch4 is great, an accompanying Samsung Phone is basically a requirement.

One of the best features about the previous Galaxy Watches is they were somewhat device agnostic, working with Android or iOS. Not only is that no longer the case , but Samsung has also aimed this watch directly at Samsung owners.

Although the Galaxy Watch 4 works with any phone running Android 6 or above, using it without a Samsung phone requires jumping through a few hoops. You still need Samsung’s Wearable and Health apps to set up your Galaxy Watch, and there’s no support for Google Pay so you’ll need a Samsung Pay account. You’ll also need the Galaxy Store app if you want to download more watch faces.

Watch Out Your Calorie Count May Not Be Right

Tech giant Google has confirmed a bug in the Fitbit app of the Pixel Watch that counts calories inaccurately. According to 9to5Google, Pixel Watch users have noticed that calories counted on the Pixel Watch differ from those of other smartwatches or fitness trackers, such as the Galaxy Watch 5 or Apple Watch.

As smartwatches will never be 100 per cent accurate in terms of calorie counts, it was odd to notice Googles new smartwatch varying so much.

The folks over at Android Police discovered that, when compared to a Galaxy Watch 4, their Pixel Watch would count up to 50 per cent more calories burned. Google has since confirmed to the outlet that this isnt meant to happen, and is instead a software glitch, reports 9to5Google. The Pixel Watch calculates calories burned based on the users heart rate, and activities, and compares that with their age, height, and weight, just like other smartwatches and fitness trackers. Google also clarified that calorie counts during workouts are behaving as normal.


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Which Specific Exercises Sync From Samsung Health To Myfitnesspal

If you have the latest version of the Android app on your device, some, but not all of your Samsung Health exercises will sync to MyFitnessPal. Strength Training and Bodyweight training workouts do not transfer at this time.The following chart lists the exercises available on Samsung Health and what they will transfer to MyFitnessPal as :

Samsung Health

Disable Samsung Healths Automatic Workout Detection

New update for Samsung Galaxy watch 4 series !

Although the workout detection feature should help track your steps and other activity, some people tell us that turning it off helped their watch count their steps and activity.

For most watches, you change this in the apps Settings. You change this via the Galaxy Wearable app for some models, like the Galaxy Fit.

  • On the watch, open Samsung Health. Scroll down and tap Settings. Scroll down to Auto-detect workouts or Workout detection.
  • Turn off or tap Activities to detect
  • You can turn off all activities on the Galaxy Watch 5 and 4 series or toggle off individual exercises.
  • Turn off the activities you dont want to auto-detect on older models. People recommend toggling off the Elliptical trainer and Rowing.
  • For the Wearable app, tap Watch Settings > Samsung Health and toggle off Activities to detect. For the Galaxy Fit, tap Health settings and then tap Workout detection.
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    Galaxy Watch 4 Calorie Burn Counter And Phone Are Combined

    Hey I’ve been using the gw4 classic for 2 months and I really happy from it. The only thing that bothers me is that sometimes when I work at mechanics, I leave my phone at the locker for not ruining it while work. Meanwhile, my phone is in my pocket, counting my steps and calories. Now I assume that the phone counteris really much less accurate then the watch. So in the moment I connect my phone to the watch via Bluetooth, the steps and calories both the devices is combined and it really just make the information inaccurate. So it leaves me to an 2 options, or suffer the inaccurate stats, or just using the watch without connecting to the phone There is a way which I can block the option for the phone itself to count steps and calories? which leaves this job to the watch

    Information At A Glance With Tiles

    Widgets from the Galaxy Watch3 were renamed to Tiles on the Galaxy Watch4 .

    A good smartwatch does more than present the time on a flashy, custom display. It should make the most important information on your phone available on your wrist. The Galaxy Watch 4s Tilesformerly called Widgets on the Watch 3 make checking features like the weather, upcoming appointments, your stress level, or starting a specific workout easy to sift through.

    WearOS 3’s Tile interface, a carry-over from Samsung’s Tizen system, lives to the right of the watch face, and you can access the Tiles by swiping on the virtual or tactile bezel surrounding the screen. Alternatively, you can swipe left through each widget to get what you need. Once you’re ready to get back to your watch face, simply press the Home button . You can customize which Tiles you see on your watch, too, from either the watch itself or from the Samsung Galaxy app on your phone.

    Our one complaint is that, as touched on above, the Watch 4’s virtual bezel is a bit finicky. Theres a learning curve to figuring out exactly where to place your finger and how to activate the scrolling. Once youve gotten the hang of it, though, the digital bezel works well and the haptic feedback does a good job of indicating movement.

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    The Most Accurate Calorie Burn Tracker Isn’t A Smartwatch

    A new wearable designed at Stanford University is much more accurate at calculating calorie burn than your smartwatch.

    Lexy Savvides

    Principal Video Producer

    Lexy is an on-air presenter and award-winning producer who covers consumer tech, including the latest smartphones, wearables and emerging trends like assistive robotics. She’s won two Gold Telly Awards for her video series Beta Test. Prior to her career at CNET, she was a magazine editor, radio announcer and DJ. Lexy is based in San Francisco.

    Smartwatches are great tools for keeping track of your activity. They can monitor your heart rate during a workout and track your sleep, and some even help manage workout recovery. But severalstudies show smartwatches and fitness trackers don’t do as good of a job at calculating calorie burn during activity and can be off anywhere between 40% to 80% of your actual energy expenditure.

    A new wearable developed at Stanford University claims to be far more accurate. It’s not worn on the wrist — you put it on your leg.

    That’s because it measures leg motion, where most of your energy is used during lower body exercises like walking, running, climbing stairs and cycling. It uses two inertial measurement units plus a battery unit and microcontroller worn on the hip. Definitely not as convenient as strapping on a wrist-based smartwatch or tracker, but it’s the first proof of concept developed by Stanford University graduate student Patrick Slade.

    Measuring Calorie Burn Is Complex

    iFitness Activity Tracker Smart Watch Pedometer Calorie Counter Watches ...

    Most consumer wearables use heart rate and wrist-based motion to calculate calorie burn during activity. But heart rate isn’t directly related to the energy you are expending, says Slade. “Your heart is just pumping blood through your body and has a bunch of different factors that affect it,” he says. “How tired you are, if you had coffee, worked out, this time history makes it really volatile.”

    Despite the wires, the tracker didn’t get in the way during my workouts and is lightweight.

    Instead, his system breaks down motion into each step, then uses a machine-learning model to calculate energy expenditure. It was tested with over a dozen participants of varying ages and weights and averaged 13% error, compared with 40% to 80% error from consumer wearables.

    To test its accuracy for myself, I’ve come to Stanford University’s human performance lab, filled to the brim with a range of sophisticated workout equipment including an antigravity treadmill. But for the purposes of testing out this new wearable, only regular gym machines like a stair climber and exercise bike are needed. I’ll be doing four workouts for 5 minutes each: walking, running, cycling and stair stepping.

    Putting on Slade’s system is straightforward. You strap two stretchy bands with the IMUs on your thigh and shin, then wrap a controller and battery around your waist. It feels like I have a small smartphone strapped to my midsection and I don’t even notice the wires running down my legs.

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    Galaxy Watch 4 Calorie Counter And Weather Source

    I saw you have fixed the samsung step counter issue.What about the same in calorie counter? Its off.Also can you add the ability to change source for weather report? source.)


    Welcome to the Facer community. The calories burned count is figured off of the step count, so in reality its a calories burned walking count. Facer uses and it cannot be changed. On health data Facer can only show heart rate and steps, any health reading you see on a Facer watch face is figured using an expression to change them into the desired reading.

    Thanks!Yeah but the implementation of Samsung Complication and selector would be nice because you would be able to get any Samsung Health data or even the default weather data provided by Samsung or any other you install.

    Going down the only road weve ever known

    But how would that effect all the non-Samsung watches in its implementation? Im sure it would mess with all the TicWatches on here. That would be like doing the Google Assistant on Samsung Tizen watches. They havent even got that working yet on the Galaxy 4 yet and its WearOS now.

    Why does it have to effect other watches? It could just check for the watch or the user can tick a box to use complicatioms instead the defaults. Its a couple of if clauses.

    What Syncs Between Samsung Health And Myfitnesspal

    Weight – Weight will transfer between both apps

    Food – Calories added to MyFitnessPal will transfer to Samsung Health.

    Steps – Steps tracked in Samsung Health will transfer to MyFitnessPal once selected as a step source in the MyFitnessPal app

    Exercises – Some Exercises will transfer between both apps. Workouts added to Samsung Health will transfer to MyFitnessPal and workouts added to MyFitnessPal will transfer to Samsung Health.


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    Top Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Questions And Answers

    The Galaxy Watch 4 remains a solid Wear OS smartwatch. If you can find it at the right price, its an excellent feature-packed option.

    If you own an LTE version of the watch and have a mobile plan, you can place calls from the Galaxy Watch 4. Non-LTE models can accept and reject calls to the tethered phone.

    Yes, there is an LTE version of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

    Theyre essentially the same devices, however, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is available in 42mm and 46mm dial sizes. The dial also features a physical rotating bezel.

    A Bit Dissapointed With Watch 4 And Shealth App Just Me

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review | One Month Later…

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 on trial and after 3 days i think i’ll be returning the watch.

    I’m an ex-fitbit user and i exercise about 4 to 5 times a week, mostly walking, running, biking, badminton, yoga, strength training… I like to mix things up.

    My old Ionic broke down earlier so i thought to ugrade to the galaxy watch and try i out first before buying, seeing as i liked a lot of the smartwatch features on it and heard good things about it’s health and fitness capabilities.

    I must say i was very dissapointed. The watch 4 has a very premium feel to it and certainly looks and feels the part. But here are the area’s where i feel it could be improved.

    First off while biking the watch lost track of my heart rate multiple times. Also with running i had multiple gaps in tracking. Secondly the sleep tracking is not that accurate, i have yet to record a single minute of deep sleep even when i slept in two nights straight.

    The store where i got the watch also failed to mention that you need a samsung phone to use the bp and ecg app, as well as syncing between phone and watch ‘do not disturb modes’ and alarms. Seeing as i don’t have a samsung phone, it’s something i’m missing out on.

    The batterly life is very short, when i’m exercising it doesn’t last a day.

    Lastly the samsung health app felt very lackluster… It feels like it’s missing a lot of info and functions that other apps like fitbit and garmin do have.

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