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High Calorie Foods With Low Carbs

What Defines A Food High In Calories And Low In Sugar

What a 500-Calorie, Low Carb/High Fat Salad Looks Like

The most important question is how to define a food that is high in calories and low in sugar? An energy-dense food is that which has a lot of calories for a small volume .

For example, low energy-dense foods are spinach, tomato, berries, and cítrics. Like you can see, most low-energy-dense foods are veggies and fruits.

On the other hand, high-energy dense foods are things like pasta, fries, avocado, or pastries. These foods have a lot of calories in small portion sizes.

I normally consider a food high in energy when it has more than 100 calories in 100 grams of product. Additionally, for a food to be classified as low sugar, in my opinion as a registered dietitian, it needs to have less than 5 grams of sugar per portion size.

Why 5 g of sugar?

According to the World Health Organization , the recommended daily intake is to have less than 10% of your daily calories coming from sugar. On average, for a 2500 kcal caloric intake, this means no more than 25 g of sugar per day.

Thus, a reasonable amount for low sugar is to have 5 g per meal, which represents a 20% of your total sugar intake based on the 25 g of sugar per day.

Foods With High Calories

Many healthy foods are high in calories and contribute to a healthy diet in humans. Here are a few high-calorie foods to be aware of:

1. Carbohydrates and Whole Grains

Foods that contain whole grains and lots of carbohydrates are high in calories and also contain necessary nutrients and minerals for a healthy body. The best whole-grain foods with high calories include bread, brown rice, and pasta made from whole grains. Potatoes are a high-carbohydrate food.

One serving of baked potatoes provides 145 calories with only one calorie from fat. And one serving of brown rice gives you 171 calories. These foods are rich in calories and contribute to a healthy diet.

2. Red Meat

Beef and pork products provide a lot of calories and can especially help those who are trying to gain weight. One serving of steak gives you 300 calories and 44 grams of protein. However, be aware that steak also contains a lot of fat, in this case 12 grams of total fat.


One serving of a pork chop has 211 calories and also 5 grams of saturated fat, with 12 grams of total fat. While red meat has a lot of calories and protein, these dishes often contain high amounts of cholesterol, sodium, and fat, so they should be eaten in moderation for a balanced diet.

3. Beans

Many people who avoid red meat make up for the calories and protein by eating legumes, and, specifically, beans. Beans offer high calorie intake and carbohydrates with very little fat.

4. Healthy Fats

What Is A High Carb Food Vs A Low Carb Food

Starchy foods and refined carbohydrates are examples of high carb foods that are best avoided on any low carbohydrate diet.

The most common refined carbohydrates are white flour, white bread, white rice, pastries, sodas, sugar-sweetened drinks, snacks, pasta, sweets, and breakfast cereals. Refined carbs mostly consist of rapidly absorbed net carbs that spike our blood sugar levels.

Starchy foods typically fall into two categories: starchy vegetables and whole grains. The most common example of a starchy vegetable is the humble potato . Though they are healthier than refined carbohydrates, unrefined starchy foods still contain high enough carbohydrate counts that they should be avoided on low carb and ketogenic diets.

To learn more about what foods to avoid and what foods to add to your low carb meals, check out our keto food list.

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Benefits Of Eating High

High-calorie low-carb foods can have numerous health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Gain weight with less effort
  • Lose weight easier
  • Reduce risk of heart disease
  • Lower blood pressure

Now, since most of the low-carb foods that are rich in calories are also low-volume high-calorie foods, which means they tend to be less filling, you need to adjust the quantities you eat according to your goals.

For example, if you’re trying to gain weight, you have a certain caloric goal that you need to hit. Passing it with a few hundred calories, which is easier to do with non-filling foods , will probably make you gain too much fat. The solution: count your calories and stick to your daily caloric target.

What Makes Miiro So Unique

High Calorie Low Carb Foods To Gain Weight  Idalias Salon

When looking for low-carb snacks, you might find that many contain artificial sugar to compensate. We think you should be able to savor low-carb sweets without sacrificing flavor each MiiRO bar contains less than a teaspoon of sugar while still providing plenty of yummy sweetness.

We choose quality ingredients, too. That means you won’t find palm oil or dairy products in our sweets and baking chocolate: only tasty plant-based, delicious treats.

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Almost Zero Carb Snack Options

This list will expand your snack options without net carb intake climbing too high. Just make sure you eat them in moderation or else the carbs and calories will accumulate quickly.

If you are looking for keto-friendly condiments and dressings in the grocery store, make sure you read the nutrition facts and ingredients label carefully. You will find that most of these products have sugars and carbs in them.

Indulgent Foods That Are Low

The low-carb way of eating is very popular.

One of the best things about it is that people usually dont need to count calories to lose weight.

As long as carbs are kept low, appetite tends to go down.

This causes people to automatically restrict calories without having to consciously regulate their food intake.

This simple method is proven to lead to significant weight loss about 23 times as much as a calorie restricted low-fat diet .

Interestingly, there are numerous incredibly satisfying, low-carb-friendly foods that most people would only consider an occasional indulgence.

These foods can be eaten regularly on a low-carb diet until fullness while still reaping all of the metabolic benefits.

Some of these foods are even very healthy, at least in the context of a low-carb diet though adding them on top of a high-carb diet could be a problem.

Here are 6 indulgent foods that are low-carb/keto friendly.

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Meat Poultry And Seafood

Meat, poultry, and fish have no carbohydrates. Some types of shellfish have a minimal amount, and processed meats, such as ham, can have a bit of sugar or starch. Although fat has no carbs, trim the fat from meat and the skin from poultry to lower your consumption of unhealthy saturated fats. Choosing fish when possible is a heart-healthy choice.

Top 13 High Calorie Low Carb Foods For Muscle Gain

Low Calorie, Low Carb, High Protein Chaffle

High-calorie foods arent bad for you. Calories are just a measure of energy and, if you ever want to build muscle, youre going to have to get comfy with high-calorie foods. They fuel your body and make sure that youre recovering.

Too few calories can be just as much of a problem as too many: malnourishment and obesity are both bad for you!

When youre on a low-carb diet, you might struggle to find healthy high-calorie foods. You might be able to use butter or bacon, but you need better options. What should you eat for maximum energy without the sugar or starch?

Today were going to solve the problem, discussing 13 amazing foods that provide lots of healthy calories.

Whether youre on a keto diet or youre trying to control your blood sugar, these foods are great for your diet.


  • Anti-inflammatory effects

and many more!

Simply put, a good food is one that provides a great balance of nutrients relative to its calorie count or provides novel health benefits!

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How To Eat High Calorie Low Carb Meals And Snacks

You’ve probably heard that many people aim to eat low-carb foods, but do you know why? As it turns out, low-carb foods can be downright delicious. The truth is that eating to sustain your body doesn’t have to be boring or exhausting.

You might have also gathered that some people cut calories, but did you know that upping your calories may help support you throughout the day? Choosing high-calorie foods and low-carb snacks are just two nutritional goals you can explore to help you live your life to the fullest.

Let’s get the lowdown on high-calorie low-carb foods! Then, we’ll explore a modern miracle: low-carb vegan sweets that taste incredible.

Youre Looking To Gain Weight

Your caloric needs are going to be greater in a weight gain phase. Thus, you need to find foods that provide a lot of energy without adding too much volume . That is when foods high in calories but low in sugar come into place. They provide the necessary calories without significantly impacting your insulin levels.

For those in a weight gain phase and haveCan You Build Muscle With A Bad Diet?

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How Protein Works With Your Body

Here’s the thing: Protein has superpowers. Okay, not really, but it might as well! Protein is more influential in your body than you might think. Here’s a quick list of tasks this group of molecules is responsible for in your body:

  • It helps your blood transport oxygen to your cells.
  • It aids blood clotting.
  • It boosts your immune system.
  • It helps lower blood pressure.
  • It improves your bone health.
  • It helps make up your skin, nails, and hair.

Protein is a vital component in your body. When you consume it, you provide your body with material to increase strength and help fuel you for all your daily activities. Sure, eating more protein won’t give you superpowers, but this list of potential advantages is too big to ignore!

Here are some of the possible wins you might experience from adding more protein to your meals:

  • A sustained feeling of fullness and reduced appetite
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Boosts calorie-burning

A High Calorie Low Carb Diet Doesnt Mean You Have To Forgo The Taste Of High

1550 Calorie Low Carb, High Protein Meal Plan with Nachos  The College ...
  • Grass-fed ricotta
  • You do not have to give up your favorite high calorie foods when you follow a low carb diet. In fact, there are a number of healthy food options that can assist you in reaching your goals.

    These include avocados, coconut milk, grass-fed beef, and creamy ricotta. Many of these foods are incredibly low-calorie and are great for snacks.

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    How Many Carbs Do Low

    Low-carb foods are foods that have less than 45% of their calories coming from carbohydrates.

    To understand why low-carb foods have less than 45% of their calories coming from carbs, you first need to know that the daily total carbs you should eat, as recommended by the Institute of Medicine , should be between 45% and 65% of your total daily calorie intake.

    • Peer-reviewed journal

    See the study that cites the Institute of Medicine’s carbohydrate recommendation.

    As an example, if you follow a diet of 2000 calories, you should aim to get between 900 and 1300 calories from carbs. 1 gram of carbs has 4 calories.

    Thinking further, any food that has between 45% and 65% of its total calories coming from carbs can be labeled as a medium-carb food since it fits the official recommendation.

    As a consequence, low-carb foods have less than 45% of their total calories coming from carbs.

    Add These Healthy Foods To Your Grocery List Today

    Over time, fat developed a bad reputation for destroying our health and the idea that products containing fat could be considered healthy food seemed impossible. Yet when Americas 1990s low-fat diet fad failed to solve our health problems, we quickly began to swing in the other direction, as diets like Atkins, South Beach, and keto quickly gained steam. Though some of these high-fat and low-carb diets have their own issues, experts have since come around to recommend balanced eating plans that include enough of the nutrients we need to live better. The good news here is that fat has always been part of a well-balanced eating plan the quality and source of the fats consumed are where the real question lies.

    The better news is that a diet high in fat and low in carbs, referred to as the keto diet, has been proven to help attain specific fitness goals. In addition, increasing unsaturated fats while reducing carbohydrates has been shown to help with weight loss and maintenance while increasing mental functioning and elevating energy levels. All of this demonstrates that fat is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

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    Is All That Protein Necessary

    Many people with moderately active lifestyles simply dont need all the protein in very high protein, low carb diets, such as those that recommend above 0.9 grams per pound of body weight per day.

    For most physically active people, a daily protein intake of 0.540.9 grams per pound of body weight is likely optimal .

    Protein needs depend on your sex, body weight, age, health, activity levels, and body composition goals, so you should consult your healthcare provider if youre unsure how much you should eat.

    Moreover, high protein, low carb diets arent necessary to promote overall health.

    Eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, staying within your calorie needs, exercising, and reducing your intake of processed foods and added sugar are much more important to your well-being than your macronutrient ratios.


    High protein, low carb diets are linked to a few downsides, including an increased risk of some cancers. Plus, most people have no need for all the protein that this eating pattern encourages.

    When following a high protein, low carb diet, its important to reduce your intake of carb-rich foods. You should limit the following:

    • Grains and starches: breads, rice, pasta, baked goods, cereals, etc.
    • Sweeteners: sugar, agave, maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, etc.
    • Sugary drinks: juice, sweetened coffee and tea, soda, sports drinks, sweetened alcoholic beverages, beer, etc.
    • Processed, high carb foods: french fries, fried chicken, pizza, chips, etc.

    Dark Chocolate And Cocoa

    100g Low Carb Full Day of Eating 1700 calories (185g High Protein)

    This is everyones favorite low-carb food.

    When you take out the added sugar and dairy from chocolate and focus on the high-cocoa products, they make a great high-calorie snack.

    Cocoa is a high-fat form of plant food and youll be glad to hear that dark chocolate is one of the most effective high-calorie, low-carb foods around.

    Just remember to get it as dark as possible to make sure youre getting the best balance of healthy fats and low sugar. This means a higher % of cocoa is better.

    The cocoa in dark chocolate is great for blood health. It contains huge amounts of iron and manganese, the two most important blood-health nutrients. They combat anemia and other blood diseases.

    As youre probably aware, you can add dark chocolate to a whole bunch of other dessert foods. This is an easy way to make them more interesting, while also increasing the calorie count.

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    Sample Menu: High Calories Low Sugar

    It is very easy to build a menu that is high in calories and low in sugar. You can find a sample menu with foods high in calories but low in sugar in the following table.

    Meal Time
    3387 14.1

    This is just an idea on how to add all top 10 foods in a day to have a higher caloric intake without adding too much sugar.

    Remember to add a protein source in every meal to balance everything, and add veggies to increase your nutrient intake.

    If you want high-calorie foods while eating out, then check out our resource section on Eating Fast Food When Bulking.

    High Carb Foods That Are Incredibly Healthy

    Adda Bjarnadottir, MS, RDN Rachael Link, MS, RDSade Meeks, MS, RD

    Over the years, carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation. People often associate them with weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and a variety of other health conditions.

    Yes, its true that processed foods high in sugar and refined grains typically lack important vitamins and minerals. However, many nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods can actually be very good for you.

    While low carb diets can be beneficial for some people, theres no reason to avoid high carb foods altogether.

    Here are 12 high carb foods that are incredibly healthy.

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    Our Bodies Need Carbohydrates

    One expert interviewed by Healthline said there needs to be a balance of carbohydrates in diets.

    Carbohydrates are important, says Amy Bragagnini, MS, RD, CSO, an oncology nutrition specialist at Trinity Health Lacks Cancer Center in Michigan and a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Carbohydrates are the preferred source of energy for our brain and our bodies.

    She notes that the problem is that people are eating too many carbohydrates, especially highly-processed simple carbohydrates such as those found in breads and sweets.

    Consuming too many highly processed or simple carbohydrates can lead to increased risk of heart disease, unwanted weight gain, and diabetes, Bragagnini said.

    Still, Bragagnini says she doesnt want clients to become scared of carbohydrates.

    Rather, she recommends choosing complex carbohydrates and then becoming more familiar with portion sizes.

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