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How Many Calories Are In Tomatoes

Calories In Tomato And Nutrition Facts

Healthwise: How Many Calories in Tomato? Calories Intake and Healthy Weight Loss

Tomato juice is a popular beverage choice for many people looking to improve their health. But how many calories are in tomato juice?A typical 8-ounce serving of tomato juice contains around 36 calories. However, the calorie content can vary depending on the type of tomato juice and how its prepared. For example, 100% pure tomato juice with no added ingredients will have fewer calories than a processed tomato juice that contains added sugars or other ingredients.When it comes to health, tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, as well as lycopene an antioxidant that has been linked to various health benefits. So, if youre looking for a healthy way to quench your thirst, tomato juice is a great option!

Weighing Your Options: Are You Making The Best Selections In The Produce Section

According to the World Health Organization, eating at least five 80-gram serving portions of a variety of fruits and vegetables every day lowers the risk of serious health problems. Recent studies have also proven that eating certain fruits can help with weight management.

These six amazing fruits may help:

Are Cherubs Cherry Tomatoes Healthy

Yes, cherubs cherry tomatoes are a healthy choice for your diet. They are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They provide a range of essential nutrients, such as vitamin C and potassium, as well as dietary fiber.

Additionally, cherries are low in calories and make a great snack choice. Eating a few cherubs along with a balanced meal can help you reap the benefits that these nutritious little tomatoes offer. They are also a great source of lycopene, an antioxidant that helps to protect against several chronic diseases, including cancer.

Additionally, their low sugar content makes them a great choice for people with diabetes. So go ahead and enjoy nutritious, delicious cherubs cherry tomatoes for a healthy snack or salad ingredient!.

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Are Tomatoes Good For You To Lose Weight

Tomatoes can be a great food to include in a weight loss plan because they are low in calories and high in essential vitamins and minerals. For example, just one medium tomato contains 22 calories and provides nearly 20 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin C.

Tomatoes are also rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation and has been studied for its potential to reduce the risk of certain diseases. Additionally, they are an excellent source of dietary fiber, which can help you feel fuller for longer and regulate your digestive system.

When cooking tomatoes, you dont need to prepare them in ways that add unhealthy fats or calories. Roasting, grilling, and pan-frying tomatoes with a small amount of olive oil can all provide tasty flavor without adding too many extra calories.

Tomatoes can also be a great addition to salads, soups, and sandwiches, again keeping things light and healthy. When trying to lose weight, making sure to include plenty of healthy vegetables like tomatoes in your meals can be a great way to ensure balanced nutrition while cutting down your overall calorie intake.

How Many Calories In A Tomato

How Many Calories in a Tomato

In the first and main section of the page we are going to cover how many calories are in a tomato as this is more than likely the main reason you will have visited the page. We have used a range of different size tomatoes and also weights of the tomato for our tomato calorie figures. Just to be clear we are talking about a tomato that is red and ripe and the raw edible fruit.

  • 1 whole small tomato weighing approx 3.2 oz – 16 tomato calories in it
  • 1 whole medium tomato weighing approx 4.3 oz – 22 calories
  • 1 whole large tomato weighing approx 6.4 oz – 33 calories
  • 1 Italian tomato weighing approx 2.2 oz – 11 calories in tomato
  • 1 plum tomato weighing approx 2.2 oz – 11 calories in tomato
  • A thin slice of tomato weighing approx 0.5 oz contains 3 calories
  • A thick slice of tomato weighing approx 1 oz has 5 calories
  • A 3.5 oz serving of crushed canned tomatoes – 32 calories
  • 1 oz of tomato flesh – 5 calories in
  • 10 g of tomato flesh – 3 calories in
  • 100 g of tomato flesh – 18 calories.

We hope that you have found what you are looking for in this section, however if you are looking for calories tomato have in different forms then please take a look at the following sections as there is plenty more tomato calories information for you there.

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Risks Of Eating Tomatoes

Like many fruits and vegetables with edible skins, tomatoes are often covered in pesticides. Tomatoes ranked ninth on the Environmental Working Groups annual Dirty Dozen list, which compiles the fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides. Try to buy organic tomatoes if you can.

The leaves of a tomato plant should not be eaten. They contain large concentrations of alkaloids, according to Worlds Healthiest Foods.

If eaten in reasonable amounts, tomatoes should produce no serious side effects. If you eat an abundance of tomatoes daily, however, you may experience problems from having too much lycopene or potassium. Consuming more than 30 mg of lycopene daily could potentially cause nausea, diarrhea, indigestion and bloating, according to the American Cancer Society.

People with serious hyperkalemia, or too much potassium in their blood, should talk to their doctors about the appropriate amount of tomato consumption. According to the National Institutes of Health, hyperkalemia can result in irregular heartbeats and other cardiovascular problems, as well as reduced muscle control.

Fast Facts On Tomatoes

  • Including tomatoes in the diet can help protect against cancer, maintain healthy blood pressure, and reduce blood glucose in people with diabetes.
  • Tomatoes contain key carotenoids such as lutein and lycopene. These can protect the eye against light-induced damage.
  • Eat more tomatoes by adding them to wraps or sandwiches, sauces, or salsas. Alternatively, eat them cooked or stewed, as these preparation methods can boost the availability of key nutrients.
  • Tomatoes are in the top ten fruits and vegetables for containing levels of pesticide residue. Wash tomatoes before eating.

Tomatoes are an intensely nutritious plant food.

The benefits of consuming different types of fruit and vegetable are impressive, and tomatoes are no different. As the proportion of plant foods in the diet increases, the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer decreases.

There are different types and sizes of tomato, and they can be prepared in different ways. These include cherry tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, raw tomatoes, soups, juices, and purees.

The health benefits can vary between types. For example, cherry tomatoes have higher beta-carotene content than regular tomatoes.

High fruit and vegetable intake is also linked to healthy skin and hair, increased energy, and lower weight. Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables significantly decreases the risk of obesity and overall mortality.

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Fried Green Tomatoes Nutrition

Fried green tomatoes are very similar to tomatoes, but they are fried instead of fresh. These tomatoes are a staple in southern cuisine. Because they are fried, they are typically higher in calories and fat than fresh tomatoes. That being said, the fat that is added to fried green tomatoes is typically low in calories. The calorie count of a typical fried green tomato is around 310 calories, compared to 190 calories for a fresh tomato. This is still a low calorie food for an individual, but it is a bit higher than a slice of white bread.

How Many Calories Are In A Tomato And Cheese Quiche

Calories in Tomato and Nutrition Facts | How Many Calories in a Tomato

Cheese & cherry tomato quiche contains 18g of total carbs, 16g net carbs, 15g fat, 7.4g protein, and 231 calories.

You can consume the necessary protein and carbs in a delicious and simple way by preparing a quiche for breakfast or lunch. Cheese is the primary ingredient in this recipe, which has a high caloric and fat content, but a low carbohydrates and fiber content. Despite this, it serves a healthy and satisfying meal.

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Vitamins And Minerals In Tomatoes Orange Raw

Vitamin A is 1496 in Tomatoes Orange Raw. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for vision, growth, cell division, reproduction, and immunity. Vitamin A has antioxidant properties as well. Vitamin A is an essential fatty acid.

Its various forms, known as retinoids, include retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, and retinyl ester. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient that is essential to your body.

Thiamin B1 is in Tomatoes Orange Raw. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamin or thiamine, allows the body to use carbohydrates as energy. It is required for glucose metabolism and plays a vital role in nerve, muscle, and heart function. Because all B vitamins are water-soluble, the body does not store them.

Riboflavin B2 is in Tomatoes Orange Raw. Vitamin B2 is riboflavin. It can be found in various plant and animal foods, including milk, meat, eggs, nuts, enriched flour, and green vegetables.

Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is found naturally in foods, can be added to foods, and is available as a supplement. Bacteria in the gut can produce riboflavin in small amounts, but not enough to meet dietary requirements.

Folate B9 is 29 in Tomatoes Orange Raw. Folate is a B vitamin required for producing red and white blood cells in bone marrow, producing DNA and RNA, and converting carbohydrates into energy.

It is essential to break down homocysteine, an amino acid that, in high concentrations, can be harmful to the body.

Data-Backed by USDA FoodData Central

Nutrition Facts: Calories In Grape Tomatoes

One grape tomato has around 5 calories. Therefore, a 1-cup serving of grape tomatoes has 25 to 30 calories.

Grape tomato plants contain almost all of their calories from carbs, although they also include trace quantities of fat and protein. Each tomato has less than one calorie from these two macronutrients.

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How Many Tomato Calories Are In A Serving

Whenever you eat a salad that contains fix-ins, the tomato calories tend to be popular to reduce the amount of energy you consume. For the purpose of weight loss, many adults make use of tomatoes in a healthy salad, as a side to a main dish, and as a garnish.

In addition to being a good idea for a weight loss program, tomatoes contain ample nutrients that can boost your overall wellness. Consider the information ahead as your complete guide on tomato calories as well as the nutrition involved.

How Many Calories In Tomato Sauce

Chose1ofBest: Tomato calories

In this section it is important that you recognise that when we are talking about how many calories are in tomato sauce we don’t mean tomato ketchup, in the UK these are generally referred to as one and the same.

  • A cup of tomato sauce weighing approx 8 fl oz – 78 calories
  • 1 fl oz of tomato sauce – 10 calories
  • 10 ml of tomato sauce – 3 calories in

If you have meatballs in your tomato sauce then it is worth noting that one small meatball that is about an inch in diameter has 40 calories in.

If you are look for ketchup calories and now how many calories are in tomato sauce then please take a look further down the page.

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How Many Calories Are In A Tomato

Sliced, diced or julienned, tomatoes are one of the most delicious and nutritious of Mother Natures many offerings. In fact, if it were socially acceptable, many tomato enthusiasts might forget the whole tedious preparation process and enjoy them apple-style, one bite at a time. No matter how you serve them, tomatoes always add a nutritious component to any meal.

Of course, just because theyre nutritional superstars doesnt mean that tomatoes dont contain a few calories. Fortunately, the key word in that sentence is few. Tomatoes pack hardly any calories compared with many other snack-time favorites. One medium-sized tomato contains about 24 calories. One thin slice yields a paltry 3 calories, with an entire cup of cherry tomatoes only costing your diet 27 calories, according to Nutrition Data.

Heres even more good news: In addition to being light in calories, tomatoes are also completely void of nutritional space-wasters like cholesterol and saturated and trans fats, and theyre very low in sodium and sugar. There just isnt enough room for those nasty elements with all of the calcium, iron and vitamins C and A already packed into each bite.

Any way you slice it , tomato-based snacks are much healthier for you than snacks full of empty calories and fat. Last time we checked, potato chips dont contain carotenoids that prevent heart disease and cancer, and cookies lack potassium to ward off strokes. But tomatoes certainly do!

May Reduce Cancer Risk

Lycopene and beta-carotene, two antioxidants found in tomatoes, have been shown to possess anticancer properties. They do this in part by protecting against the kind of DNA damage in cells that can lead to the development of cancer and by causing cancer cells to die off.

Several studies have found that men with higher intakes of tomatoesparticularly cooked tomatoeshave a lower risk of prostate cancer. And, as a whole, eating non-starchy vegetables like tomatoes has been linked to a lower risk of estrogen receptornegative breast tumors as well as cancer of the colon, rectum, lung, stomach, and upper aerodigestive tract .

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How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight

Eat less, exercise more. If if everything were that straightforward! The majority of people who have tried to lose weight are aware of how difficult the process may be. According to the findings of this investigation, the process by which individuals acquire or lose weight may be influenced by a wide variety of factors.

  • However, having a fundamental grasp of how to shift your bodys energy balance in favor of weight reduction is a fantastic beginning to begin your journey to a healthier weight.
  • Determine how many calories you need to consume on a daily basis as your first step.
  • To do this, you will first need to determine the number of calories that will allow you to keep your present weight.

To accomplish this goal, you will need to do a few basic computations. First, multiply your present weight by 15, which is a reasonable estimate of the amount of calories per pound of body weight that you need to consume in order to keep your present weight while engaging in moderate levels of physical activity.

  • To be considered moderately active, a person must engage in some type of physical activity for a minimum of thirty minutes every day .
  • Lets assume youre a lady with a height of 5 feet, 4 inches and a weight of 155 pounds, and you know that you need to shed roughly 15 pounds in order to be within a healthy weight range for your height.

Low Calorie Tips For Making Oven Roasted Tomatoes Recipes:

Tomatoes: Health benefits, composition, calories, and toxicity
  • Parchment Paper when you use parchment paper, you dont have to worry about the tomatoes sticking to the pan. So you can skip soaking them in oil before roasting. Thus saving you 100s of calories and lots of fat As a bonus, Parchment Paper helps make cleanup a breeze!
  • Olive oil spray save 100s of calories and lots of fat in oven roasted tomatoes cherry recipes by using olive oil spray in place of a heavy drizzle of olive oil. A fine mist is all you need to perfectly roast cherry tomatoes!

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May Be Contaminated With Salmonella

Like many other types of produce, cherry tomatoes may become contaminated with Salmonella during processing or distribution .

Salmonella is a harmful bacterium that may cause food poisoning, with symptoms including fever and stomach pain .

Young children, older adults, and people with compromised immune systems tend to have the greatest risk of severe illness from Salmonella.

Carefully rinsing cherry tomatoes and all fresh produce with water before eating is one of the best ways to prevent any type of foodborne illness.


Although cherry tomatoes have very few side effects, they may worsen acid reflux. In rare cases, they may also lead to allergic reactions or food poisoning.

Cherry tomatoes are delicious both raw and cooked. Plus, theyre easy to grow at home and are often available at grocery stores and farmers markets.

Tomato Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

Have you ever wondered if a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable? Botanists classify tomatoes as fruit because they develop from the ovary of flowering plants and contain seeds. However, because tomatoes are prepared and served as vegetables, they’re generally thought of as a vegetable from a culinary perspective.

Either way, tomatoes are a delicious and nutritious food that makes a good addition to most healthy eating plans. Tomatoes contain several nutrients and compounds important for health, such as vitamin C, lycopene, potassium, and vitamin K, among others.

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What Are The Benefits Of Tofu

Tofu is a type of protein made from soybeans. It is a popular alternative to meat. It is usually sold in the form of cubes and comes in various flavors. It is usually eaten cold and is also used in many dishes. Benefits of tofu include that it is a good source of protein, which is usually lacking in the diets of vegetarians. It also helps to improve muscle strength and stamina. Some have also found that eating tofu can help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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