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Liquid Calories For Weight Gain

Points About Liquid Calories

3 Extremely High Calorie Shakes for Skinny Guys to Gain Weight

Here are five points to consider about liquid calories:

1. Liquid calories may not be a wise investment of your calories.

Liquid calories don’t seem to register in the stomach like food calories do, so they don’t satisfy hunger as well. The next time you drink a high-calorie beverage, check in with your stomach an hour later. How do you feel? Are you still satisfied?

A group of researchers from Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill explain in a recent journal article that fructose is different from glucose in that it does NOT stimulate insulin secretion or enhance leptin production. And higher levels of insulin and leptin in the blood stream help regulate body weight by serving as signals that food has been eaten.

2. Watch the high-fructose corn syrup.

Some experts say that part of the rise in obesity in the United States is due to our rising consumption of high-fructose corn syrup, which is used in many soft drinks, fruit juices, and sports drinks.

One study found that rats fed a high-fructose diet were more likely to develop features of metabolic syndrome, says researcher Richard J. Johnson, MD, of the University of Florida College of Medicine. Metabolic syndrome is a group of symptoms linked to a high risk of diabetes and heart disease.

3. Soda consumption may contribute to obesity.

4. It is better to eat your carbohydrates than to drink them.

5. The bottom line to alternative sweeteners.

Potatoes And Other Starches

Adding potatoes to any dish is a cost-effective way to add more calories to your diet. Potatoes and other starchy vegetables are rich in carbohydrates. Studies show that the intake of carbohydrate-rich foods along with protein supplements helps build muscle mass .

Consume boiled, baked, or roasted potatoes to get the best out of its nutrients.

Pillar : Make Your Diet Easier To Digest

One of the main complaints that ectomorphs have is that bulking diets make them tired, bloated, and gassy. Another issue is that a meal might keep us full for hours, making it difficult to eat often enough, and thus causing us to fall behind on our calories. Then, once we fall behind, were forced to eat bigger meals. That only makes the discomfort worse.

Eating a diet thats high in saturated fats, processed foods, and food additives has been linked with digestive issues ranging in severity from mild discomfort all the way up to inflammatory bowel disease , meaning that its important to eat a diet thats made up mostly of whole foods .

Aiming to get 80% of your calories from whole foods is a good rule of thumb. That means that its probably okay to have some dessert after dinner most nights, and theres little harm in the occasional pizza. However, your diet should still be made up mostly of whole foods.

So the key to building a good ectomorph bulking diet is to build it mainly out of whole foods, giving us plenty of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, prebiotics, and probiotics, but to do so in a way that doesnt cause too much gas and bloating, and that doesnt slow our digestion down too much.

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Calories In Other Beverages

Now lets look at some other beverages which can be high calories, but dont have the highest nutritional value. Milk, juice, and plant-based milks have a lot of nutrition in them. The beverages listed below are high in calories but not necessarily high in nutrition.

Please be aware alcohol should not be used as a high calorie drink to promote weight gain. It is only being listed to show the calorie count in each type. For those who choose to drink, limit to 1 drink for women and 2 drinks for women.

Drink Type
Liquor 560

Beverages Can Add Hundreds Of Extra Calories A Day

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Drinks filled with sugar and fat offer less satiety than solid foods

WEST CHESTER, Ohio Individuals who are finding it hard to lose weight may want to shift their focus from their dinner plate to the drinks they consume each day.

According to the American Society for Clinical Nutrition , regular consumption of sugar calories in liquid form is said to be responsible for body weight gain. Research points to a direct correlation between the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages such as sodas, juices and specialty coffee drinks and the rise of obesity in America.

Aleda Johnson, MD, a family physician with Liberty Family Medicine in West Chester, said most people think of food, not drinks, when they are counting calories. As a result, they dont think twice about consuming a drink that may be filled with hundreds of calories.

I have patients who come into the office who want to lose weight and they say, I dont eat much and when I do eat it is really healthy. I dont understand why I am not losing weight, says Dr. Johnson, who practices with Premier HealthNet. So, the first thing I do is ask them what they are drinking, and if it is a couple of cans of soda a day then that might be causing the problem. Most people dont understand that what they are drinking is not healthy and that they can lose weight by changing what they drink.

Dr. Johnson offers these tips for those who want to cut down on their consumption of liquid calories:

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Is Soy Safe For Men

Let’s back up a second. What is a calorie? Basically, a calorie is a way to measure the amount of energy something gives off. When the body digests food, it becomes energy. How much energy is given off when this happens is shown on the packaging. The higher the calorie amount, the more energy is given off through digestion. So, how does that turn into weight gain? Unused energy doesn’t just disappear! That unused energy is stored by the body as fat to be used for later on, which is where weight gain comes from. This is why the body needs to be on a deficit. Burning more calories means the body doesn’t need to store it to save for a later time, which then means there won’t be any fat stored in the body!

Everything has calories because everything makes energy when it is broken down. This includes drinks! The problem with drinks, and why they can be causing issues with weight and fat loss, is that they take up no space in the stomach. Drinks are easy to consume too much of! For example, a serving size of apple juice is eight ounces. That’s one small glass of apple juice. In one serving, there can be over 100 calories. That’s not too bad, but many people don’t drink eight ounces of apple juice for a whole day. For every eight ounces consumed, another 100 plus calories are added to the body. This is on top of the food calories consumed throughout the day.

Gaining Weight Is Hard

I know how hard it can be to gain weight. I spent years trying to bulk up before I finally managed to budge the scale. So before we dive deeper, let me explain why Im so confident that these principles will actually help you gain weight:

  • Theyre evidence-based: This diet is based on all of the best research looking into appetite, digestion, weight gain, and muscle growth.
  • Theyre time-tested: These are the same techniques that we use in our Bony to Beastly Bulking Program, which has helped nearly 10,000 naturally skinny guys bulk up.
  • Weve used them at the highest level: Weve used this same diet to help professional and Olympic athletes bulk up to help doctors and dieticians bulk up.
  • Were skinny guys, too: Were naturally skinny guys ourselves, we had a brutal time gaining weight, and this is what finally allowed us to bulk up. Ive personally used this weight-gain diet to gain 55 pounds in just a couple years, finishing visibly leaner than when I started:

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Liquid Calories Vs Solid Calories

People often get a significant proportion of their daily calories from beverages. Although caloric beverages, such as juices and sodas, have been associated with weight gain, medical researchers don’t all agree on the reasons for this. Some people believe that liquid calories aren’t as filling as calories from solid food, but this may be too simplistic of an explanation because other factors may also be involved.

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How To Leverage The Buffet Effect

Best Liquid Calories for Skinny Guys to Gain Weight! (How to Gain Weight)

The buffet effect the phenomenon where people tend to eat more calories when they have access to a greater variety of foods and flavours. A common example of this is when someone stops eating dinner because they feel full, but then they magically find space in their stomach for dessert .

The reason behind this effect is that our bodies naturally crave a varied intake of nutrients from a number of different sources. Perhaps the dinner youre eating is rich in iron but low in vitamin C, so when youre presented with a fruity dessert, your stomach is eager to find extra room for it.

If youre binging on junk food, the buffet effect can be a real problem, which is why its being studied. Switching from salty chips to sweet soda will activate this effect, causing people to overeat, but without providing their bodies with the nutrients that they need.

When bulking, though, we can switch between different nutritious foods. This will not only help us eat more calories, but it will also help to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

  • Use sauces and spices liberally. Theres nothing wrong with using plenty of barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, soy sauce, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and whatever else you enjoy using on your foods. Some of them contain calories , but that just boosts the calorie content of your food without removing any of the vitamins, minerals and fibre in it.
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    Liquid Calories: The Secret Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

    Caitlyn has a passion for food and fitness, two things that can compliment each otheror not!

    It seems so simple to lose weight, but it’s so easy to forget why and how we gained weight in the first place. Losing weight is not nearly as complicated as people sometimes make it out to be. A combination of diet and exercise, in the right amounts, can help someone drop a significant amount of weight. Usually, those are the only tools someone needs to lose fat, but some people eat healthy portions of nutrition-packed foods and work out for an hour a day, yet fat can stick stubbornly to their body like flies in honey. Read on to learn the secret reason why you’re not losing weight!

    Drinking Sugary Drinks And Weight Gain

    Frequently consuming sugar may promote excessive calorie intake and weight gain.

    This may be because it generally contains a high amount of fructose, which is unhealthy when consumed in large amounts.

    For example, table sugar contains 50% glucose and 50% fructose, while high fructose corn syrup contains about 45% glucose and 55% fructose. Research shows that both affect appetite and calorie intake the same way .

    A researcher in a recent review also pointed out that all fructose-containing sugars including honey, agave nectar and fruit juice have the same potential for causing weight gain .

    Whats more, several studies link excess fructose to weight gain. A high intake seems to promote belly fat, which increases disease risk .

    Sodas and other sweet drinks make it easy to consume large doses of sugar and fructose in a very short period of time. As stated above, these calories arent adequately compensated for later in the day.

    However, even when calorie intake is controlled, a high intake of liquid sugars may lead to an increase in body fat.

    In a 10-week study, people with overweight and obesity consumed 25% of calories as fructose-sweetened beverages at a calorie level that should have maintained their weight. Instead, insulin sensitivity decreased and belly fat increased .


    Several studies have linked liquid sugar calories to weight gain, which may be due to the effects of sugar and fructose on appetite and fat storage.

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    Pillar : Make Your Diet Less Filling

    After weve removed any unnecessary dietary restrictions, the next thing we want to do is add in energy-dense foods that will help us gain weight. More specifically, were looking for foods that are:

  • Easy on our appetites
  • Great for building muscle
  • Less likely to be stored as body fat
  • To start, we can use The Satiety Index of Common Foods. In this study, they took a sampling of common foods, figured out how filling they were, and then observed how food choices impacted our overall calorie intake.

    The goal of the study, as you can probably guess, was to help people feel more satisfied while eating fewer calories. Weâre going to use it for the opposite purpose: to find out how to eat more calories.

    Ive organized the foods into categories and remade their results graph:

    Most of the results are fairly intuitive. Whole foods are filling, and then the more you process themâremoving fibre, removing water, and breaking them down into smaller particlesâthe less filling they become. This explains how junk food contributes to obesity: it delivers calories too efficiently. No huge surprise there.

    But some of these results are weird. I never would have guessed that potatoes were the best weight-loss food ever. Theyre 300% more filling than bananas and 700% more filling than croissants. Mind you, steak and potatoes is an expression that means simple yet filling, so I shouldnt have been too surprised to find that both steak and potatoes are indeed simple yet filling.

    Are Restrictive Bulking Diets Healthier

    Pin on Lose Weight

    Many popular diets are good for improving the average persons health. Theres an important caveat to that, though: these diets are good for our health in the same way that losing weight is good for our health.

    Most people are overweight. So for most people, losing weight is healthy. However, given that were skinny, that stops being the case. Our circumstances call for something different.

    Theres nothing inherently unhealthy about breakfast, carbs, grains, or even a modest amount of sugar. The only unhealthy thing about them is that they make it easier to eat more calories, causing people to accidentally gain weight.

    However, since skinny guys tend to benefit from gaining weight, diets that make it easier to eat more calories are often better for our health. Once we understand that, we can relax on the restrictions, eat a wider variety of foods, and have a far easier time bulking up.

    Lightning summary: its important to eat a healthy diet thats centred around whole foods, but if as skinny guys who are trying to bulk up, its usually better to think about adding in more good foods, not removing the bad foods.

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    Can Drinks Help You Gain Weight

    There are weight gain drinks that contain ingredients that can help you gain weight.

    Here are some ways these drinks promote weight gain:

    • Improve caloric surplus

    Some common ingredients in a weight gain milkshake or drink include:

    • High-fat content

    These weight gain drinks can help you pack on the pounds by helping to speed up your metabolism and increase your appetite.

    Do The Findings Inform Us About The Differential Effects Of Consumingliquid Versus Solid Calories On Weight

    No. The results of Reid et al. only show what happens withSSBs. From these data alone, we have no way of knowing whether the same resultswould have been obtained if the women were required to consume 1,800 kJ of food insome solid form. Returning to the literature at large, there is evidence from arecent meta-analysis that in short-term studies with foodintake as the outcome, liquid calories are less well compensated for than are solidcalories. Yet, wecannot assume that individuals will not adapt to dietary changes over time. Longerterm effects on weight cannot be reliably inferred from short-term effects on foodintake. Indeed, to my knowledge, there are only two human RCTs comparing the effectsof liquid versus solid foods on weight over an extended period of time and neitherfound a statistically significant difference between the liquid and solid conditionswhen the entire samples were analyzed.

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    As Part Of A Healthy Diet

    You’ll be more likely to feel full after eating if you concentrate on eating your food slowly. Another factor affecting fullness is the energy density of the foods you eat. Foods that are lower in energy density, such as fruits and vegetables, help you feel full on fewer calories than foods that are higher in energy density, such as foods high in fat or sugar. This makes them good choices for people maintaining a healthy weight or trying to lose weight.

    Liquid Supplements For Weight Gain

    Best LIQUID Calories To Gain Weight (How To Gain Weight)

    Fact Checked

    If food alone isn’t making you gain weight, consider a liquid supplement. Liquid calories are not as filling as solid food, but these supplements may help you get the extra calories you need to gain. They’re a good source of calories, and many also supply vitamins and minerals. Consult your doctor to discuss the best weight-gaining drink for you.

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    The Five Factors That Make Food More Filling

    So far, researchers have found five factors that make food more filling:

  • High protein content .
  • High fibre content .
  • High water content .
  • Its hard to chew .
  • It doesnt taste good .
  • Some foods are a perfect storm. Theyre low in protein, low in fibre, easy to chew, intensely flavourful, and dont have much water in them. Dorito chips are a good example of that.

    The problem is that Doritos arenât very good for building muscle. They donât have enough vitamins and minerals, theyâre too low in protein, theyâre too low in fibre, theyâre too high in processed fat, and theyâre bad for our digestive systems if we have too many of them.

    We need to find foods that make it easier to eat more calories that are still good for gaining muscle.

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