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Low Calorie Diet For Weight Loss

What Is A Low Calorie Diet

5 Healthy Low Calorie Recipes For Weight Loss

The NHS defines a low calorie diet of:

  • Between 1,000 and 1,500 calories per day for women
  • Between 1,500 and 2,000 calories per day for men

The calorie target is designed to be less than the calories your body will expend through the day, therefore causing your body to break down body fat to cover the calorie short fall.

Because of its broad definition, there can be many different types of low calorie diet. So, any low fat diet or any low carbohydrate diet, as examples, that meet the low calorie diet criteria would also be low calorie diets.

Poached Eggs With Mushrooms And Spinach

  • Third-fill a saucepan with water and bring to a gentle simmer.
  • Break 2 medium eggs into a cup, then carefully tip one at a time into pan. Cook over a very low heat, with the water hardly bubbling, for 3 mins, or until the whites are set but the yolks remain runny.
  • While poaching the eggs, melt 5g butter in a medium non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and stir-fry 75g small chestnut mushrooms for 2-3 mins.
  • Add 50g spinach and toss with the mushrooms until just wilted. Season with a pinch of sea salt and black pepper.
  • Serve the mushrooms and spinach on plate. Drain the eggs with a slotted spoon and place on top. Serve with more ground black pepper.
  • NOT FASTING? Serve on top of a slice of wholegrain toast.

    Other options include avocado, ricotta and mushrooms – delicious!

    241 cals | serves 1

    Cauliflower Walnut Lettuce Tacos

    Calories: 231

    These plant-based tacos nix the tortilla, cutting down on its carb content, and they’re totally meat-free. Oddly enough, a mixture of walnuts and cauliflower achieve a meaty consistency.

    Calories: 235

    This tasty cabbage Chinese-inspired stir-fry is budget-friendly, veggie-filled, and low-carb, plus it’ll satisfy all your cravings for takeout.

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    Along With A Balanced Weight Loss Diet Chart Plan These Habits Will Help You Stay Healthy:

    • Opt for 5-6 meals a day: Instead of three large meals, try having three modest meals and a few snack breaks in controlled portions for the day. Spacing your meals across regular intervals prevents acidity and bloating and also keeps hunger pangs at bay. So, quit your junk food habit by making healthier snacking choices in your indian diet plan.
    • Have an early dinner: Indians eat dinner later than the other societies across the world. Since metabolism slows down at night, a late dinner can lead to weight gain. Experts recommend you eat your last meal of the day by 8 pm.
    • Drink a lot of water: How does drinking more water help you lose weight? For starters, its zero calories. Also, drinking a glass of water can help curb hunger pangs. Have six to eight glasses of water daily to lose weight and also find a list of drinks that will help you lose weight here.
    • Eat a lot of fiber: A person needs at least 15 gm of fiber every day, as it aids digestion and heart health. Oats, lentils, flax seeds, apples and broccoli are some great sources of fiber.

    In conclusion to everything stated above. you dont necessarily have to ditch your regular food habits or make massive changes to your diet, all you need is to follow the best balanced Indian diet plan to get fit!

    Very Low Calorie Diets Are Hard To Follow

    Low Carb 1500 Calorie Diet Plan: 7

    Very low calorie diets are less likely to be nutritionally complete as they provide far fewer calories than needed to maintain a healthy weight. The recommended daily calories are 2,500 for men and 2,000 for women.

    It is not an easy diet to follow. Side effects can include:

    • feeling hungry
    • cramps
    • hair thinning

    While very low calorie diets can lead to short term weight loss, it is likely that the weight will come back on after the diet ends.

    Very low calorie diets are not a long-term weight management strategy and should only be used as part of a wider plan.

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    What You Want To Know

    How do I know how many calories I should be eating?

    I have a calorie and macro calculator here!

    Will I lose weight on 1200-1500 calories?

    Losing weight on these calories really depends on where you are starting from. The only way to know this is to keep track for at least a week, without making dietary changes. If you dont lose or gain weight during that week, that is your baseline calories. Once you have a baseline, creating a deficit of 500 calories per day will help you lose 1 lb per week.

    How do I balance my families meals with my own weight loss meal plan?

    The meals on this program can be eaten by anyone in the family! The only difference will be in how much you eat compared to your family. Maybe youll have 4 ounces of meat for dinner, and theyll have 6 ounces.

    Can I exercise on these calories?

    Exercising while you are eating 1200 1500 calories will depend on what you consider exercise, the intensity, and how long youve been exercising. Walking is a great place to start, and can be done comfortably on this program. Assess your energy level during the day and make adjustments from there.

    Are you a medical professional?

    I am not. I graduated with a bachelors degree in health education, and recently became a certified personal trainer. This meal plan and my low calorie recipes are for information only. Please visit a qualified provider in your area to discuss your personal circumstances.

    Fig And Halloumi Salad

    Calories: 389

    This salad only has a few ingredients, but it’s full of crunchy flavor. The halloumi adds a little bit of saltiness, while the figs make it sweet. To throw in the final touch, you’ll top with it crunchy pistachios that’ll make every bite even more flavorful.

    • cilantro and chili peppers for garnish


  • Add 2 teaspoons of the canola oil on high heat in a large skillet.
  • Add the shrimp and cook for 1 minute on each side then remove the shrimp from the pan.
  • Add the remaining teaspoon of the canola oil to the skillet with the onions.
  • Cook the onions for 5 minutes on medium heat, stirring occasionally.
  • Add in the ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, paprika, curry powder, chili powder, salt and garlic.
  • Stir well, letting cook for 30 seconds then add in the tomato sauce and combine.
  • Add in the coconut milk and shrimp to the pan and stir well.
  • Garnish with cilantro and chili peppers if desired.
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    Pear And Cinnamon Porridge

  • Place 30g jumbo oats, ½ pear, cored and chopped, and ¼tsp ground cinnamon into a small non-stick saucepan. Pour in 75ml full-fat milk and 120ml water and cook over a low-medium heat for 5-6 mins, stirring constantly.
  • Pour into a deep bowl and scatter with 5g flaked almonds to serve.
  • NOT FASTING? Increase the portion size

    267 cals | serves 1

    What Are Some Tips For People On This Diet

    Dangers of Low Calorie Diet for Weight Loss in Tamil | JFW Health
    • Space meals and snacks evenly throughout the day. This will prevent you from overeating at the next meal and will keep your body fueled all day long.
    • Use healthier cooking methods, like baking, roasting, broiling, stewing, or grilling instead of frying. Cooking foods in broth or water instead of oil can also help reduce your calorie intake.
    • Use measuring cups and spoons to measure appropriate portion sizes.
    • Track what you are eating throughout the day to help stick to your eating plan. You can use a pen and paper, keep notes on your phone, or try an app or website, such as MyFitnessPal or LoseIt.

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    Side Effects Of The 1000 Calorie Diet

    • As it is a low-calorie diet, it lacks certain vital nutrients that provide energy to the body.
    • Due to the lack of nutrition, this diet can cause dehydration, loss in muscle mass, lack of energy, slower heart rate, hair loss, and weaker nails.
    • The drastic cut in calories lowers your metabolism. A lower metabolic rate results in rapid weight gain when the caloric intake is increased in the future .
    • This diet is suitable for women who have a small frame. It is not considered suitable for men. It can be potentially dangerous for people who have well-built or athletic bodies.
    • Starvation is another ill effect of this diet. Exhaustion resulting from the diet can make you susceptible to injuries.
    • It can cause fatigue and loss of concentration and make you moody.
    • It can cause insomnia.
    Consult your doctor before following the 1000-calorie diet. Avoid alcohol and sweetened and carbonated beverages.
    Go for medium-paced walks and light exercises. Do not sit in one place for too long.
    Include lots of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. Do not skip any of the meals.
    Consume a good amount of proteins to build your muscle strength. Do not take stress if you have gone a little above 1000 calories one day. Skip the bowl of watermelon the next day and have a cup of green tea instead.
    Drink enough water. Do not stay awake late at night.

    Which Diet Is Better For You Keto Or Low

    The keto diet may be better if you want to reduce your risk for chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

    It also may help you lose weight faster than a low-calorie diet, but not as fast as a fad diet that limits overall calories.

    When participants in one study followed a keto diet for 3 months it helped them lose an average of 12 pounds more than those on a low-calorie diet. They also lost 4 inches from their waist and had a better improvement in blood sugar levels.

    This is because of the anti-inflammatory nature of keto.

    The advantage of the low-calorie diet is that its easier to follow, less expensive than other diets, and can be paired with an exercise program to help keep you motivated.

    If youre very overweight, have a medical condition that could be better addressed with weight loss, or are older than age 50, this may be a good option for you.

    The keto diet can help reverse health conditions linked to insulin resistance such as type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

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    It also tends to be easier to follow and more effective for weight loss than a low-calorie diet.

    However, it is very high in fat and if youre considering keto as a way to lose weight, work with your doctor or a nutritionist to make sure its right for you.

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    Will Eating 1000 Calories A Day Cause Weight Loss

    A low-calorie diet definitely induces weight loss, but lowering your calories too much can actually hamper your results. In cases where extreme obesity causes medical complications, a 1,000-calorie diet may be prescribed to initiate quick weight loss. But trying such a diet on your own puts you at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies, stalling your metabolism and losing valuable muscle mass. Reduce your calorie intake to a healthy level for your body, and add exercise to lose weight gradually.

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    Understand The Science Behind Weight Loss

    1200 Calorie Diet Plan For Weight Loss â Benefits, Safety, And Foods To ...

    Weight loss and gain revolve around caloric consumption and expenditure. Simply put, you lose weight when you consume fewer calories than you expend and you gain weight when you consume more calories than you sweat.

    To drop those extra kilos, all you need to do is eat within your calorie budget and burn the required number of calories. So, a combination of the two works best suggested experts.

    Get your daily requirement of calorie consumption and burn based on your lifestyle and dietary preferences, by signing up on HealthifyMe.

    However, simply determining how many calories your body needs isnt enough. After all, four samosas , two slices of pizza , and two gulab jamuns may be within your daily requirement of 1500 calories, but these unhealthy food choices will eventually lead to other health problems like high cholesterol and blood sugar.

    To lose weight the healthy way, you also need to ensure your Indian diet plan is balanced i.e. it covers all food groups and provides all the nutrients you need necessary for good health.

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    Potential Benefits Of A 1200

    Following a 1,200-calorie diet may provide some health benefits, but its important to note that these benefits are associated with calorie restriction, in general, and not specific to 1,200-calorie meal plans.

    Regularly consuming more calories than your body needs can lead to many health consequences, including weight gain, increased heart disease risk factors, and diabetes .

    Fueling your body with the right number of calories is essential for the preservation of good overall health.

    Many studies have shown that calorie reduction, in general, can benefit health by promoting weight loss, reducing heart disease risk factors like LDL cholesterol, and decreasing blood sugar levels and inflammation .

    Theres no question that losing excess body weight has positive effects on health and that staying within your individual calorie needs is best for your body.

    However, the methods used to promote weight loss matter, and using very low calorie, restrictive dieting methods is strongly associated with increased chances of weight regain over time.

    Therefore, while losing excess body weight can benefit your overall health, its important to choose healthy, sustainable weight loss methods over more extreme dietary patterns.

    It should be noted that some research has shown that people with obesity or morbid obesity who follow low calorie or very low calorie diets under medical supervision lose weight and improve their blood sugar and lipid profiles, which can improve overall health .

    How To Stick With Your New Weight Loss Routine Even After It Stops Being New

    Its hard to stick with a new diet after the novelty wears off.

    It can be difficult to maintain your motivation and willpower when youre not seeing results as quickly as youd like.

    You may find yourself feeling discouraged or tempted by unhealthy foods, which makes sticking with your plan even harder.

    Find ways to make healthy eating fun and exciting again so it doesnt feel like such a chore.

    Here are some ideas for how to keep up your enthusiasm for healthy living:

  • Make sure youre eating the right types of food. If you are on a low-calorie diet, make sure to eat protein, vegetables, and grains for every meal. Cut out sugars and processed foods. On the keto diet, its important to track your carbs, calories, and fat intake accurately while making sure not to overeat.
  • Find a way to get some exercise that works for you. For people who like running or hiking, try incorporating those into your routine 3 times a week if youre more sedentary or have lower fitness levels, experiment with finding something new like walking, biking, or swimming 4-5 days per week.
  • Remind yourself of the goal you set out to achieve by starting your diet and reward yourself for achieving it! Find a way to keep yourself motivated.
  • Identify potential obstacles that may get in your way of sticking to the diet and develop ways to overcome them! Make sure you dont have too much on your plate so it stands a better chance of success!
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    How To Increase Metabolism

    Dont despair dieters! There are steps you can take to get your metabolism fired up again, but the first step is to stop low-calorie diets. Many popular diet programs will estimate your calories using a calculation. This often sets you up for a lower-calorie level than you may need. Instead, find ways to add physical activity into your routine, and work with a dietitian to make healthy lifestyle changes over time. They can keep you healthy while you lose weight slowly and build muscle mass for long term weight loss success. This new weight may not be what society deems fit, but it will be sustainable and the right weight for your body type!

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    Foods That Are Low In Calories

    Full Day of Eating 1,000 Calories | SUPER Low Calorie High Protein Weight Loss Diet

    Reducing your calorie intake can be an effective way to lose weight.

    However, not all foods are equal when it comes to nutritional value. Some foods are low in calories while also low in nutrients.

    When limiting your calorie intake, its important to choose nutrient-dense foods, which contain ample nutrients for the number of calories they provide.

    Whats more, a diet full of whole, nutrient-dense foods may help you feel more satisfied while cutting calories (

    Because theyre high in protein, lean meat and poultry are good foods to eat when youre trying to cut calories.

    Protein boosts feelings of fullness and may help you eat fewer calories throughout the day .

    Meats that are lowest in calories are the ones that are very lean. Fat is calorie-dense, so fattier cuts of meat have a higher calorie count.

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    How Does A Vlcd Aid Weight Loss


    A VLCD lowers blood sugar, detoxifies the body, and improves insulin sensitivity, thus doubling the flab loss in a short period. After the scientists at the Newcastle University proved that VLCD can reverse diabetes type II in human beings, scientists at Yale University used rat models to find out the way VLCD helps reverse diabetes type 2 . They found significant proof, and here are the details:

    • VLCD Lowers Plasma Glucose: Being on a very low calorie diet for a few days can help lower your blood glucose/sugar levels. When your blood glucose levels are low, the cells will be less likely to store the unused glucose as fat.
    • VLCD Improves Insulin Sensitivity: Improving insulin sensitivity can help the cells take up glucose from the bloodstream and use it as usable energy. This increases the satiety levels, lowers your food intake, and prevents you from gaining weight .
    • VLCD Reduces Gluconeogenesis: Gluconeogenesis is the biochemical pathway that leads to the synthesis of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources, like protein. By reducing gluconeogenesis, your body will lower the amount of sugar in your blood and prevent the accumulation of excess sugar in the form of fat.

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