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What Cereals Are Low Carb

How Many Carbs Are In Keto Cereal


I picked 2 common store bought cereals and checked out the carbs in them. I knew that they would not be low in carbs because they are filled with high-carb ingredients, like wheat, oats, sugar, etc.

For ½ cup serving of Lucky Charms there are 24 NET Carbs and for ½ cup serving of Honey Nut Cheerios there are 15 NET Carbs. Moms have been told for generations that cheerios are a good breakfast for their kids, but not if you are on a low carb diet.

Plus, when you are eating breakfast, who limits themselves to only ½ cup of cereal? You can see how the carbs start to build up.

When we take a look at the nutritional information for our keto cereal it comes in at 4.2 NET Carbs per ½ cup serving. Thats a big difference since every carb counts toward your daily allowance.

Fiber And Sugar Alcohol Content

Fiber and sugar alcohols are both indigestible, so the presence of more of them will decrease the net carb count in a cereal.

Plus, fiber offers several health benefits, including improved digestion, better gut health, and a reduced risk of several chronic diseases .

However, keep in mind that cereals containing sugar alcohols may cause digestive upset when eaten in large amounts. With these cereals, its best to stick to a single serving .

Best For Very Low Carbs Per Serving: Promix Whey Isolate Protein Puffs

  • Total carbs: 2 g per serving.
  • Flavors: This product is available as unflavored or chocolate.
  • Pro: This product has minimal ingredients.
  • Con: This product does not have a lot of flavor variety.

People can add this product to cereal, yogurt, or smoothies. Additionally, people can consume these puffs as a snack between meals.

This product is available in a chocolate flavor or unflavored. It is gluten-free and low in calories. However, it is not suitable for vegans.

Customer reviews on the companys website are mostly positive. Reviewers say that the chocolate flavor is tasty, and others state that they liked the freedom of the unflavored option to blend into food. However, some reviewers say that the chocolate flavor has a chalky aftertaste.

Nutritional facts

Promix Whey Isolate Protein Puffs contains sunflower lecithin, tapioca, and grass-fed whey.

The table below describes some of the nutritional facts of this product per serving size of 13.6 g.


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Best For An Affordable Cereal: Sola Granola

  • Total carbs: 18 g per serving.
  • Flavors: Available in several flavors, including strawberry vanilla, chocolate raspberry, and maple pecan chocolate.
  • Pro: Contains up to 50% less sugar than commercial granola.
  • Con: Some customers state that it has a gooey texture when mixed with milk.
  • Price: Starts at $7.99.

This gluten-free granola contains 5 g or less net carbs per serving. Additionally, it contains protein-rich ingredients.

This cereal is available in seven flavors, including blueberry cinnamon, double chocolate, and vanilla almond.

Positive customer reviews state that this product is flavorful and that the nuts are crunchy. Additionally, people say that the granola is tasty when they mix it with other snacks.

However, less positive reviews state that the cereal has a gooey texture when they mix it with milk, and others say it has a cardboard aftertaste.

Nutritional facts

Sola Granola contains almonds, soy crisp, stevia leaf extract, and various extracts for different flavors.

The table below describes some of the average nutritional facts for one serving of 60 g.


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If you would like to continue eating cereal but dont want to start your day with a blood sugar spike, low-carb cereals might be just what you need. You can easily work them into your daily macros without raising your blood sugar levels or kicking yourself out of ketosis .

Keep reading as we explore some of the best low-carb cereals that not only taste good but also nourish your body.

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Best For Those With Diabetes: Kays Naturals Honey Almond Protein

  • Total carbs: 18 g per serving.
  • Flavors: Available in honey almond flavor.
  • Pro: Gluten free.
  • Con: Higher carb count than some other options.

This gluten free and kosher cereal is available in honey almond flavor. While this product has a high protein and fiber content, its carb content is higher than some other options available.

Nutritional facts

Kays Naturals Honey Almond Protein contains non-GMO soy protein, almond meal, corn flour, rice flour, honey, tapioca starch, and pea fiber.

The table below describes some of the nutritional facts per serving size of 34 g.


What Does Keto Mean

Keto is short for ketogenic diet, which is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, says Caroline Susie, RDN, LD, an award-winning registered, licensed dietitian, and “carb crusader” who specializes in adult weight management.

The ketogenic diet flips the macronutrient composition of your diet so most of your calories come from fat instead of carbs. This switch causes your body to go into ketosis, where your body burns fat for energy instead of glucose.

Though now a trendy weight-loss diet, researchers created the ketogenic diet in the early twentieth century as a form of therapy for epilepsy to help control seizure activity. In fact, the ketogenic diet is one of the core treatments in people with drug-resistant epilepsy.

According to Susie, a clinical ketogenic diet limits carbs to 20 to 50 grams a day and may cause side effects like lightheadedness, fatigue, nausea, and constipation.

There is evidence that the ketogenic diet can help with weight loss. However, researchers note that its not clear whether the weight loss is due to ketosisburning fat for energyor because of calorie restriction.

Keto is short for ketogenic diet, a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. A therapeutic diet for people with drug-resistant epilepsy, the keto diet is a popular weight-loss method.

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Why You Need To Try This Recipe

So why make your own healthier cereal? I have a whole host of reasons for you.

Its easy: Really, this keto cereal takes only 5 ingredients and 35 minutes of your time. So its about as much work as picking up a box at the grocery store or ordering it online. It has clean ingredients: Pre-made keto cereals vary a great deal in quality. Some are much better for you than others, and some are pretty dodgy, at best. Making your own at home is the best way you can guarantee the nutritional factor.

Its crazy good: This cinnamon crunch cereal is absolutely delicious. It has great cinnamon flavor and its super crispy too. And did I mention how easy it is to make?One reader says:I would never have thought of making this but for the fact that Im on an egg-free salt-free elimination regime, but Im glad I did because its absolutely delish and so easy to make. Very satisfying for a former cereal-aholic too. Even stays crispy in cream, unlike grain cereal.

Wonderworks By General Mills

THE BEST LOW CARB CEREALS | Breakdown, Analysis & Ratings

This cereal is sure to turn heads. It is the first 100% keto cereal that is accessible to everyone making its debut in none other than Walmart!

  • Wonderworks actually has pretty good quality ingredients. The sweeteners are allulose, erythritol, and stevia, all of which we use and approve of on a keto diet.
  • Currently it looks like they are only making chocolate and peanut butter flavored cereal, but knowing a big company like General Mills they will expand quickly.
  • This cereal has a nice crunch and pairs perfectly with its true love, almond milk!
  • The flavors are strong and would perfectly combine as peanut butter and chocolate in making a reeses puff style keto cereal.
  • Per 1 cup serving it is only 3 net carbs and 15 grams of protein!
  • Being that this is the first readily available keto cereal on the market we were impressed. It runs $6.98 at Walmart making the price per oz only 68.4 cents! Per serving thats only $1.01, making it the lowest cost keto cereal on the market right now.

Whether you are low carb or not, switching over to this keto cereal while on a budget is totally possible. It is one of the healthiest low cost keto cereals on the market, and a great option for those looking to slowly transition towards a healthy lifestyle.

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How Many Carbs Should You Eat At Breakfast

The amount of carbs to eat at breakfast depends on several factors, including the type of dietary pattern youre following, how carbs make you feel in the morning, your preferences, your activity level, and what else youll be eating that day.

For example, people following a keto diet with a limit of 25 grams of net carbs per day may not want to exceed 7 or 8 grams of net carbs at breakfast, whereas people following more flexible low carb diets may be able to have a breakfast containing 2540 grams of carbs.

People who have really active jobs or lifestyles may want a higher carb intake at breakfast because carbs provide a readily accessible form of energy .

What Is Keto Cereal

Keto breakfast cereal is a crunchy breakfast treat made from low carb ingredients like almond and coconut flour, and without added sugar. Its similar to regular cereal but without all the carbs.

You will be surprised how easy it is to make. We chose to make it in 2 different flavors, and in a round shape but you can also change the flavor and the shape if you want to.

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If You Dont Like Granola Cereal Try These Puffs And Flakes

If youre on an ADA diet, you can choose some grain cereals, including puffs, flakes and other varieties. If you pick one that we list here, you can keep your carbohydrate contents at the right amounts for your healthy breakfast with diabetes.

Rather than choosing a high sugar frosted flake or another high glycemic food, learn which ones are low glycemic, and therefore the best for you with diabetes. That way, your meal wont shoot your blood sugars sky high in the early morning, just when you needed your energy. Your overall diabetes management will be the better for it.

Learn what constitutes a low Glycemic Index food

Look for ones with a low glycemic index to keep your blood sugars from spiking right after eating. The GI is divided up into three categories:

  • 55 or less is a low GI food
  • 56-69 is a medium GI food
  • 70-100 is considered a high GI food

When you eat carbohydrates with diabetes, eating them with some fiber that slows their absorption helps to prevent quick rises in blood sugar levels from carbohydrates in foods like cereal.

Which options on your grocery shelf have a high glycemic index and are best left there?

The following list found on your grocery shelf has a medium to high Glycemic Index, and are best left alone when you have diabetes. They are:

Options with low glycemic index, and good for diabetes?

Some cereals have a lower GI and are therefore better for you to eat with diabetes. They are:

Best For Those With Peanut Allergies: Three Wishes Grain Free Unsweetened Cereal

Protein Cereal, Low Carb Cereal, High Protein Cereal,Macro
  • Total carbs: 15 grams per serving.
  • Flavors: Also available in several flavors, including cocoa, cinnamon, and honey.
  • Pro: Customers state this product stays crunchy after mixing it with milk.
  • Con: Lower protein content than some other options.

This unsweetened cereal is gluten free and kosher. It is suitable for vegans and free from wheat, corn, dairy, peanuts, and oats.

This product is also available in other flavors, such as cocoa and honey. However, these flavors have a higher carb content.

Positive customer reviews state that the cereal is tasty and satisfies cravings. However, others mention an aftertaste and that the cereal is more expensive than other similar products.

Nutritional facts

Three Wishes Grain Free Unsweetened Cereal contains chickpea, tapioca, pea protein, and salt.

The table below describes some of this products nutritional values per serving of 35 g.


This product costs $9.99 for one pack or $39.99 for six packs.

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Whole Food Options For Keto

Instead of spending a ton of money on foods like keto cereal or keto cookies, a better option is to add whole foods that are naturally high in fat and low in carbs into your meals.

The ketogenic diet usually consists of foods like meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, oils, avocados, and butter, according to Susie, along with non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens and fruits in moderation.

Which Cereals Made Our List Of The Top 10 Healthiest For Diabetes

We will break down each product for you that weve listed in the table below. You can find them on Amazon by clicking the link. You may also find some of these brands at your local grocery store.

They are all made from plant sources including nuts and seeds that have a high fiber content. A high fiber content cancels out natural sugars and helps people with diabetes manage their blood sugars.

High fiber foods are great for diabetes due to their low Glycemic Index. They dont raise blood sugars as fast as non-fiber foods do. You will experience stability of blood sugars more often when you eat high fiber foods.

They are granola cereals. If you dont like granola, hang on until the end of the article and we will provide you with some grain-based choices. While higher in carbohydrates, the ones on our grain-based list are high in fiber also.

These will be found in your community grocery store, so we wont link those to Amazon. We know you will find a healthy breakfast option that also tastes delicious while helping you to manage your diabetes after you have read this article.

1. ProGranola
12 grams

#1 ProGranola 12g Protein Cereal

ProGranola 12gram Protein is our top pick for its low net carbohydrates, high fiber, and high protein. Its gluten-free, contains no grains, is soy free and has a low Glycemic Index .

The product also contains tapioca fiber, pumpkin seeds, chia, flax and sesame seeds. It also contains some coconut oil, shredded coconut, and cinnamon.

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Best For Vegans: Catalina Crunch Cereal

  • Total carbs: 14 g per serving
  • Flavors: Multiple flavors, including chocolate banana, cinnamon toast, and mint chocolate chip.
  • Pro: Suitable for vegans.
  • Con: Some customers say that there is too much fiber in this product.

Catalina Crunch states that it uses the highest quality, all-natural, ingredients available. The company says that its cereal is:

  • free from gluten, grain, and sugar
  • free from genetically modified organisms

This cereal is available in eight flavors, including dark chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and honey graham.

Customer reviews on the companys website are mostly positive. Some reviewers state that the cereal is filling and sweet enough to satisfy cravings. However, others say they developed bloating and gas after eating the cereal due to higher fiber content.

Nutritional facts

Catalina Crunch contains Catalina flour, which includes pea protein and potato fiber, tapioca flour, and baking powder. Each flavor has a variety of fruit and cocoa extracts.

evidence that this mix of fibers can help regulate bowel movements and decrease bloating.

The nutritional facts may vary slightly between flavors. Below are some of the nutritional facts per serving of 36 g of the cinnamon toast flavor.

110 9 g

A four flavor variety pack of Catalina Crunch Cereal costs $49. A person can choose to take out a subscription, which costs $39.

Good Source Of Protein

Catalina Crunch Keto Cereal | Keto | Low Carb | Cooking With Thatown2

A combination of fiber and protein will help keep you full for hours by keeping your blood sugar stable, rather than causing a blood sugar spike followed by a crash. This combination is also best for weight management.

“If you can find a cereal with 3 or more grams of fiber and 10 or more grams of protein, you’ll find the cereal is much more satisfying and will keep you full longer,” Burkholder says.

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Low Carb Cereal Pancakes & Waffles

Here are all of your low carb cereals, pancakes and waffles

Breakfast never tasted so good with our low carb waffle and pancakes. Enjoy mixes of granola and hot cereal too.

  • Low carb hot cereal with ZERO net carbs! Easy to make and tastes delicious!Super easy to make – .. $12.48
  • Low carb hot cereal with toasted coconut and roasted almonds and only 2 net carbs per 1 cup prepared.. $14.98
  • Enjoy 6 of our huge! Low Carb Waffle Cakes fresh baked for you, with just 3 net carbs per giant.. $12.48
  • Low carb pancakes with perfect texture and flavor at just 1 net carb per serving! These pancakes tas.. $12.48
  • Low carb banana pancakes with perfect texture and flavor at just 1 net carb per serving!These pa.. $12.48
  • Low carb waffles with just 2 net carbs per traditional waffle! Easy to make and tastes delicious!.. $12.48
  • Low carb AND gluten free pancakes with perfect texture and flavor at just 2 net carbs per serving!.. $14.98

Low Carb Milk Options

  • Almond milk A very good low carb choice for your keto-friendly cereal, especially if you have an allergy to dairy, made from 100% almonds. Make sure that you buy the unsweetened almond milk to avoid the carbs and calories. Other nut milks are great too like cashew milk, and macadamia nut milk, also made from those nuts.
  • Coconut milk Another good choice made from 100% coconut, especially if you do not eat dairy.
  • Flax milk This is made from flax seeds.
  • Soy milk This one is higher in carbs than the other choices mentioned above but still a good choice for some people that do not drink cows milk and also have a nut allergy.

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